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I told my husband that my dad beats me and I really regret it

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  1. Not to invalidate your experience, but maybe to give you some comfort: kids are kids, and they say wild things because they have wild imaginations. I used to tell my parents that I had a previous life as a rich goat when I was that age. Especially today, your daughter could be hearing all sorts of things from all sorts of sources, like YouTube, so I don’t think it’s weird at all that she knows what Montreal is or anything like that. Chances are, she’ll grow out of it eventually. If you want to have the “fantasy vs reality” talk with her, it might be worth having, but my concern is it might just entrench it deeper, because kids are stubborn. Deep down, though, she knows she’s making stuff up. She’s just a kid.

  2. It's just odd because in my experience, really controlling people make *actual* accusations of infidelity (of the sexual/emotional variety), or proactively demand that their partners avoid certain people, places and actions - he doesn't do any of that - but he gets upset after the fact in a way that is very unpredictable. And then afterwards, he doesn't yell or anything, he mutters a few harsh words and then stomps off in a pouty mood which lasts for a couple days.

  3. Bro if the girl was laughing that sounds like a major win.

  4. God, did he at least give you five stars on Yelp?

  5. Ok but this was hilarious to watch. I would have liked this TikTok.

  6. Uh the the unremarkable and had nothing go for himself guy who travelled to with a gun into a police situation on his own will, then got into a confrontation then shot & ended a life-

  7. Yall really just be saying anything is white supremacy 😭

  8. You need my explicit permission before you bring this person around.

  9. Not every proposal needs to have a flash mob, or rain flower petals, or even have some crazy location……but geez man. At least wait till you’re both out of the car and you can ask her properly.

  10. Not every proposal needs to be some insane event that stops everything around them, but c'mon man. You can't just pass her a ring like it's an aux cable and wonder why she's upset you didn't try.

  11. He really did pass it over like an aux cable 😭

  12. That is a big forehead! Keep the bangs. They look great.

  13. I had something similar happen to me 12 years ago. I pitched the script to a producer I was working with at the time, they didn’t like it, 3 years later a movie was made with the same plot, ideas, etc, but the movie was based on a book and the producer wasn’t directly involved. I Spoke to an entertainment attorney who gave this advice:

  14. Ngl, that was pretty badass… The kid, not the teacher.

  15. You should not have taken your kids to see that man, and the fact that you even want to see him is a sign of Stockholm syndrome. It’s a good thing he’s locked up and he should go away for a long time for what he’s done to you. I hope you’re eventually able to see that none of this is your fault. I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you.

  16. The term is misaligned with the supposed definition. The word ‘terrorism’ is used to associate speech with violence & intimidation. (The word stochastic also doesn’t seem to fit well for my money).

  17. I agree. I think it’s a valid term, but normalizing its use seems like a slippery slope to censorship. Who decides what takes are/aren’t “terrorism”?

  18. Your hair is fine, but I think people are complimenting your hair because they like your face and it’s weird to compliment someone’s face. You look great! You could cut the hair if you want though and it’d still probably look good.

  19. I wouldn’t be jealous of him either, he’s gotta hide his true self! Good for your wife, though. I’d be jealous of her too!

  20. I don’t think you were every ugly, but hot damn did the gym do you well!

  21. As anti-federalist, I’m all for states having more say in shaping their own legislation.

  22. I really like the middle part. Maybe get a trim.

  23. I consider it the liberal equivalent of DailyMail… Not real news.

  24. That’s fine. Nobody’s making you be friends with women.

  25. The hairline isn’t the issue, it’s the product. Makes your hair look flat and thin.

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