1. Yep my theater was just like this too. It was incredibly annoying. Like get over yourselves people. Wtf

  2. Wow they couldn’t wait 24 hours at the very least before spoiling the finale of their own show??

  3. Colin Trevorrow already said anyone who purchased the digital version automatically gets the extended edition no extra cost

  4. “Our World” goes so hard (pretty sure that’s the song from the end of episode 6)

  5. I just want to say, "Bad Guy" really does not work in the classical music format, hearing it like that was so cringe.

  6. Do other Lego games have a similar open world thing like the marvel one? I know I’ve also seen a Lego city one that provides a similar gameplay to the marvel one so if there are others like that they may be worth buying or at least looking into.

  7. Lego City Undercover, Lego Marvel Superheroes 1 + 2, Lego DC Super Villains, Lego Incredibles, and Lego Jurassic Park are all open world. And are all fun af

  8. You know, I saw the middling reviews and I was thinking there must be some major flaw in this movie. And while I'm watching it I'm thinking any minute now this will get bad. And then it ended? And I just thought it was a blast? I honestly don't know what 45% of critics have against this movie. I thought it was consistently fun and funny throughout with great action and an interesting cast of characters. The narrative is a little choppy, sure, but the plot wasn't incoherent like Atomic Blonde was. I honestly loved this.

  9. Eh idk if Shannon was really cameo bc he was in trailers and was originally announced as part of the cast way back when. Channing Tatum though…..

  10. Yeah I tend to avoid trailers when I can. He was definitely a major role and not a cameo, but the way they played his setup and revealed him in the fly down shot I was definitely wondering who could play this legend and when I saw it was Shannon I was like, yup sounds about right.

  11. Yeah I remembered reading about his casting in this movie but I totally forgot while actually watching it.. so the whole time I was wondering who it was going to be and was genuinely surprised at the reveal. For some reason I was expecting it to be Keanu😂

  12. So I thought all new MCU movies were going to be filmed entirely in IMAX… like Shang Chi, Eternals, Dr Strange…. But then Thor 4 only had certain scenes in imax and this looks like the case for Black Panther 2 too, so what gives?

  13. Slight correction eternals wasn’t filmed entirely in imax because it started filming in 2019 before the deal took place im pretty sure

  14. Yep you’re right I just checked. No Way Home was though I think… maybe, right?

  15. It could be on the OST when that releases sometime when the season wraps up but there’s a chance it won’t be on there bc the other songs you mentioned weren’t on their respective soundtracks. So idk

  16. Damnit, you're right. My old ass just watches it on Monday while I wait for Saul.

  17. Yeah I feel ya, some times it’s a struggle staying up to watch these shows as they air… and I’m not even that old 😂

  18. The graphics definitely were NOT a selling point for the switch version. There has been tons of videos on the switch version leading up to release, should’ve known what to expect at this point

  19. This ain’t it. I think most people can live with a small downgrade but this is borderline unacceptable for a full priced title in 2022

  20. I mean what were you expecting? The switch is outdated af. If you were expecting this port to compare visually to the other versions that’s on you

  21. Correct but sometimes digital games on the switch don’t unlock right at midnight. For example Lego DC Super Villains unlocked at Noon the day of release

  22. Just saw it, has that signature Ti West pacing but it's still an incredibly fun horror flick with surprising depth.

  23. Its a sequel to a movie, felt it still warranted the share.

  24. Hmm that’s weird I don’t remember any Peacemaker posts on here, sure you weren’t just posting it for the karma?

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