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  1. Can you moderate? Cause I can't. Thought at the beginning of summer I could do it once with a buddy on a canoe trip and ended up smoking the entire summer and fall everyday all day. Day 8 now. So I dunno, probably a bad idea.

  2. Day 6 here. Second time quitting. You figured it out before I did. I just turned 42. So don't beat yourself up and just look forward! You got this.

  3. I jumped on for 2 minutes before work just to check it out briefly. Bought the biohazard pack because I will support this game monetarily anyway I can. Can't wait to get home!!

  4. Are there any good Northwoods-type bars in Madison? Doesn’t necessarily have to be a dive, but the feeling is what I miss.

  5. Yes, it's called the up north, haha. Used to be my home away from home. The couple that runs it are amazing.

  6. Do it. I did this in real life a while back. Had an after party at my house and woke up to go to the bathroom and this dudes fiance was getting it on with a mutual friend. I told his sister who told him and he broke it off. Everyone was grateful for what I did. Except the guilty parties of course. But fuck them, cheaters suck.

  7. Day 5 here. I feel happy cause I went to bed at a decent time and had some rad dreams. I have energy to start my day..I don't have the shame of staying up too late getting high playing video games. My head is clear. I'm saving money. I'm not thinking about when I can get my next hit. I'm accomplishing something that will improve my life, not set me back.

  8. Man, these people really suck. I'm so tired of hearing about this kind of shit.

  9. The last time I quit it got a lot easier around a month. You're very close. Stick with it. It WILL get easier, I promise.

  10. Day 3 here. Stay strong brother (or sister). It's not worth it. That one hit won't be the end of it and you'll be back to it full time. I'm anxious, hot one second and cold the next and super irritable. But that's all better than the shame I'll feel if I cave. You can do it!!

  11. As a 25 year old nerd I can ensure you that gamers are probably the most intellectually curious group of the young generation.

  12. I was JUST arguing with my kids mother about this. I was telling her how awful tik tok and youtube shorts are for the kids and she compared it to the video games at my house. My kids are 9,8 and 5 and she lets the older 2 on both platforms and it is making me crazy. Watching 15 second videos is light years difference from playing video games. Logic isn't her strong suit.

  13. That's very young and will probably affect their attention span. Even mine has taken a hit.

  14. Oh it definitely will effect them. Their attention span is already garbage. It's just so frustrating I have to even have this argument with her. Like to me it's common sense they shouldn't be on it. But she's addicted to tik tok herself so I'm sure that's a factor.

  15. Thanks for sharing this - I hear you. Weed has such a strong cycle for me. I've quit before, only to come to a point where I think I can have just one hit for a 'special' occasion and find myself 3 months later having smoked every single day since. There is no 'just this one time' for me either. It sucks but that's the truth of it.

  16. Ok, I’m ready to speak on this. I do not use urinals either and I DO NOT understand why people do. It is entirely disgusting to have all that pee splash back on you. Like I just don’t get it. Sometimes I get weird looks when I head to a stall to take a piss but it only makes logical sense to me. Urinal users: defend your usage of the splashback or be damned!

  17. I get more splash back from toilets. I think it's cause I'm 6'3"? And the urine is falling from such a great height? Shorter people do you get splash back from toilets? I need answers.

  18. "You're too cute for these caves." The way caves is pronounced just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  19. Depends on age but if it's a really young kid such as in the post you should not be doing that. If you get drunk, you know how people under that usually act. You shouldn't be like that around kids :/

  20. I'm talking any age. And it's not just one drink. It's messed up.

  21. Idk about you but I've never seen adults drinking beer until I was around 14ish. Not even shows. Probably cause my parents wanted me to avoid that stuff.

  22. Up here in WI people drink at every occasion. Including kids birthday's. It's messed up.

  23. I've been to Ireland and I live in WI. I think they're pretty close with their drinking cultures. I might have to put Ireland slightly ahead. The local Irish folk stopped at the pub on the way to ANYWHERE when I was there. Going to grocery store? Let's stop for a pint. Church? Stop for a pint. Gas station? Stop for a pint. etc..

  24. If you Rock and Stone, then you're never alone!

  25. Level 325 here. Had no idea that's what those were. Thanks!

  26. Host offered us some leaf lovers to get rid of being drunk before dropping into a mission. The 3 of us just stared at him as the countdown ticked down and shook our heads "no" at him.

  27. Had a green beard buy leaf lovers last night. He took his and drank. I poured the rest out and ordered the red rock blasters.

  28. Okay, I'll give it a pass, but you are on thin fucking salt platforms

  29. lol. I was playing with my buddy one night and he was on one of those, not knowing it would break away. It broke away and he dropped him into some violence and he was not happy. Thought the game glitched or something.

  30. He told me he wanted to and had always hated that he smoked, and was happy for the reason to. I guess that wasn’t true though.

  31. I've hated the fact that I smoke for a long time. For me, it's the hardest thing I've ever attempted to quit before. I've been addicted to alcohol, cocaine, weed and pills and managed to quit all of them on my own. Except the fucking cigarettes. I have so many reasons to quit too. I'd probably hide it too if I was given an ultimatum. I'm not trying to defend his choices. Just trying to give some insight into how hard it really is to quit smoking cigarettes. I understand you feel betrayed but I guarantee he didn't do this to hurt you.

  32. I hate to be seen defending him, but he's also like 6'4" and I'm pretty sure he has the type of metabolism that makes it difficult for him to gain weight. For his entire career, which arguably started in his teens, he has been rail thin, and his whole thing is to never wear a shirt.. so I'm pretty certain his workouts stay light because he's almost incapable of packing on mass

  33. I wouldn't say incapable. I'm built like him and it would require a complete lifestyle change for me to put on weight, but it's possible.

  34. Watched this a couple years ago. It's an experience that's for sure. I'd recommend it.

  35. I played a dozer mission last night and grabbed doretta at the end and gave her a toss towards the drop pod. The scout I was playing with grabbed her and threw her back towards the Ommaran and said in the text "f*ck Doretta".

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