1. Filth. Now there will be a mutant plague from breeding zillions of crickets or grubs or whatever filth form this takes. Rubbish!

  2. This will create a new insane dirty insect virus. All these viruses have their origin in animal food cultivation.

  3. Jodorowsky can suck entire ass. He has some interesting bits here and there but his works are completely masturbatory and self-centered and he raped an actress during the shooting of El Topo.



  6. I use solar camping lamps with theatrical light gels. I have all the primary colors. No worry about fires and they are bright, beautiful and I have the power of the sun burning in my temple. Personally, I don't think that messes with Lunar Operations, but I'm sure there will be detractors. Works for me! Plus they can charge with USB if the weather is really overcast. I just put them on the window ledge and they're ready for the next night's work.

  7. Here in Chicago, they insist masks are to be worn on the trains and buses, but it isn't enforced. Our cops don't wear masks either.

  8. you are right. I wasnt aware it included them. I was translating them as a way of studying the meaning closer but will stop posting

  9. I greatly appreciate you translating these. Thanks. Please continue, if you will.

  10. If you would, please do! Alejandro is a living master! Great gratitude will be yours!

  11. A.J.'s approach to Tarot completely changed my perception and usage of them. I love him.

  12. Section #1 - Mysticism, offers Crowley's analysis of meditation. It's excellent.

  13. Whoa! I didn't know this was a thing! I've had this since I rode the 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA ride at Disney World in the 70's. That whole ride creeped me out. I knew it was all fake, but it haunted me. Much more frightening than the Haunted Mansion.

  14. It is a business, business should be profitable. This is common sense. Next.

  15. I've come to only share my occult views and personal practice with people I know well, who also have a practice. I'm no longer an evangelist for the occult and boldly confrontational with others whose views I know I will never change. I enjoy the fruits of my work in silence.

  16. Keep your magick to yourself. Don't talk about it to people. Don't wear goofy occult clothing. Don't tattoo symbols on yourself you don't deeply understand. Take it seriously. Really learn, practice and observe results and changes for years before joining a coven or lodge. If you're not practicing everyday, you won't accomplish much. If you're really doing the work of a magickian, you won't want to run around talking about it. If you just read books and buy trinkets and t-shirts and yap about occultism to people who behave similarly, you're wasting your time. Have lots of fun with your practice; take comfort in the fact that no one really cares to hear about your magick.


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