1. Poo is not funny when smeared on walls all blair witch style with handprints everywhere.

  2. I’ve never considered the mechanisms of being a ghost enough to have an informed opinion.

  3. Should I have just stayed quiet? I’m just not one to ghost people

  4. “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once”

  5. I do think that I needed to speak up in order for me to close the door and move on. I think I needed to give myself a peace of mind and by speaking up, it did just that. Selfish? Perhaps. But I can sleep better knowing I did my part and that was to give us both closure (whether she asked for it or not)

  6. I’m not sure that it’s possible for any way you react to getting gang-groped at a pool party could be construed as selfish. But the fact that you think you might’ve done something wrong here speaks to bigger issues where you require approval from authority figures.

  7. You can choose to not respond. Stop expecting the world to bend to your overstimulated and undisciplined mind. The whole world is not meant to be easy on you, your life should be a series of strategies to not constantly cry or clutch your pearls.

  8. “We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas”

  9. This dish that Clean-philosophy-142 has cooked up is heated not on a stove top or in an oven, but over the flame of the hot takes of sports call-in shows.

  10. What the hell are they taking pictures for? Throw something at it to stop it.

  11. Yeah this is super cherry picked. One of those games was 2016 finals game 7, and the other game that we lost was a game in the second round of 2016 (when curry was hurt) where klay and dray both scored like 35 but the warriors lost by 10

  12. I must say that when I think Dray, I do not think “The emperor of shooting from downtown”

  13. Dray has more post season 3’s than Dirk

  14. The subway has a “needs to do laundry” scent. This bill may exacerbate that stank.

  15. I’ve heard Eagles fans are defeatist and are just convinced they aren’t going to win, but this is a whole new level of dedication to doomerism when it comes to watching the Eagles.

  16. I appreciate you sharing wisdom but I think you are looking too deep into what I am saying. I really don’t care that much about cars and could care less about having the best car. My car isn’t the greatest but it does everything I need it to do so I am happy with it. I maybe eat a handful of hamburgers a year and if it’s not going to be really good then I won’t bother to order it because it isn’t a particularly healthy thing to eat.

  17. I’d have more respect for your position if you had taken a bite out of it rather than judging the book by its cover, but it’s your life.

  18. I am not looking for respect. OP posted a photo and I shared my opinion on what I saw. If I ever end up at a Hat Creek I will give them a try. They seem to have many locations.

  19. You think women being good looking is an unpopular take? Saying monkey wrenches make good pillows is an unpopular opinion. I’m not sure there is a less controversial opinion that “bitches are fine, amirite?”

  20. My username is just an Archers of Loaf tune, but, I appreciate your imagination nonetheless.

  21. We don't blame Tek for what Aaron Fucking Boone did. We blame Grady.

  22. You can blame whoever you want. Aaron Boone gave us the greatest gift of them all - the impetus for the Yankees to sign Alex Rodriguez, which turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to our storied rivalry.

  23. My favorite player of all time! Love everything he did and is doing for this franchise.

  24. Off-beat choice for favorite sox player, but mine is Jon Valentin so I ain’t gonna yuck your yums.

  25. These are completely handmade products. it takes 2 hours to make an average product. I am glad you like it. When used with essential oils, they turn into a completely natural car air freshener ☺️

  26. Oh snap. That sounds cool. Keep up the good work!

  27. Looks cool. How’d you make it? Is there a machine that prints these out using string or is it a hand made object d’art?

  28. You’re begrudging the fan base of a team named after murderous thieves for stealing your sunshine, my dude?

  29. Sixth grade reading level: Are you shocked that PIRATE fans are STEALING your happiness?

  30. Papi didn’t fight for the United States in two wars between leading the league in average.

  31. Think you gotta have Teddy and Ortiz, if we gotta pick one then I'm going with Ortiz

  32. So…which team is not represented? Four sports, four heads.

  33. He summoned him! He summoned him! Well played Dr Quinn, Medicine beast!

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