1. Do you have other tips to share in terms of finding ID that you can trust? As an outsider it seems so hard because of the number of horror stories

  2. Erm, i would say try to rely on friends or family recommendation. If they tried before and have a good result, the chances of finding a good id is higher.

  3. The thought of ending my own life is terrifying. I am a person with my own views and perspectives and when I'm gone, where does that all go? There would be a void and nothing can ever fill it. Well I guess I don't have to worry for now.

  4. It's good to hear that you recognize the value of your own unique perspectives and that you are hesitant to act on self-harming thoughts. Your views and perspectives are important and can make a difference in the world. Remember that the void you fear would be felt by those around you, too. The impact of suicide can be far-reaching and long-lasting, and it's important to seek help and support when you're struggling with difficult thoughts and emotions.

  5. It’s scary how some nights I just think of ending my life so that i can stop feeling inadequate and how maybe everyone is better off without me.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time and feeling inadequate. It's important to remember that those negative thoughts are just thoughts and they don't define who you are. You are valuable and important, and there are people who care about you and want to support you.

  7. I have friends working in non-profit organisations: roughly 70% of donations goes to the salaries of the staff. 🤷‍♀️

  8. Don't know why you got downvoted because you aren't exactly wrong.

  9. Is it possible to remove one account from my ibanking account? It is an account shared by my mum and me, but im not the one using it.

  10. “I know we advertise 5 day work week but we need you to work on weekends too.”

  11. Needed to talk. Does anyone want to be my counsellor?

  12. Don't look at any agent in the eye at the MRT station.

  13. looks to me like a rufous shrike thrush :), i could be wrong, im not completely familiar with queensland birds

  14. Thanks! But I think I managed to find out what this is. it looks like Arafura shrikethrush but I may be wrong too. Haha

  15. i'd be hesitant to id it as an arafura shrike thrush as they are not natively found in queensland

  16. I'm struggling with speaking my mind because every time I try to voice out my thoughts, i get cock block by people's thoughts. Nobody is prepared and capable of hearing what i have to say. Slowly I stopped talking...

  17. I just ORDed and finding work through LinkedIn and emails, but no one replying me… :(

  18. Don't give up and keep trying! You will find a job eventually. You are not going to be jobless forever if you keep going on.

  19. Lost my job one month ago and plan to switch career/industry. I applied for a few career conversion programme(CCP) via WSG and have yet to hear from them.

  20. With all the comments about how most IDs are just glorified project managers, can someone share a few legit IDs so we (the clueless homeowners) learn?

  21. I've worked and left the ID company one month ago (not as an ID), i would say the company does not matter. It's the individual that matters.

  22. I have all the symptoms of covid like fever, flu, cough and severe sore throat. But i tested 7 times and it is still negative.

  23. Does anyone know why my decathlon btwin bicycle tires say 58-85 psi?

  24. Bicycle tyres often need more pressure than car tyres

  25. I see.. thanks for the information! Today I learned something new

  26. Whenever I feel like that, I’d go for a walk at the reservoir park nearby. Helps me calm down a little. Maybe you should try it too. Take care always!

  27. That part when you’re alone and it comes is very familiar. I listen to some meditative podcasts too. I hope your try that as well. Wish I have more but I’m limited in my experience and knowledge. Maybe someone here can help. Or maybe go the Polyclinic route and see if the Doctor can make a referral. Take care, ok!

  28. Thanks.. I shall try meditating now. Appreciate all your advice. :)


  30. Nope it just means you are not taking any new orders

  31. DCA only during big winnings to maximise your fun, minimise loss!

  32. When nobody strikes the 4 million toto, everyone seems to be buying the dip hoping for the 8 million.

  33. Anyone know where I can buy those LED letter lights?

  34. I take interior photos for a living and man.. it really feels like shit to go to these luxury houses. I told myself not to compare and be grateful for what I have. But it's hard when I have to keep going to these rich people's places.

  35. Add season carpark. Whether it's worth is subjective, if your pay allows you to afford it, why not? If it's a dream or goal for you to own one, why not.

  36. Hahaha true. It's a dream of mine but pays don't allow it.

  37. Have you considered rental cars? Like those BlueSG ones. I think it'll be interesting to try since it's fully covered. Don't think there's much maintenance for you to do either.

  38. Anyone know where can i find mid career changing course for late 20s? Everywhere i see is either for fresh grad or 40 and above.

  39. General assembly is a good place to start. Had a few Uni classmates that are working as a software eng after graduating from GA

  40. I know we need to clear our table at hawker, but what about mookata, fish head hotpot and tze char all these? Do yall clear it yourself too?

  41. Between this post and now, I was taken by ambulance to hospital. FML.

  42. I like the made in sg Suu balm but I use it more for itch relief

  43. Worked in the photography/videography line for 9 years; 7 years in wedding industry. Bridal studios always offer free photo & video upon signing the whole package.

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