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  1. I was trying to get a quote for a move recently and dealing with these people was the skechiest shit ever.

  2. The labor intensive moving job requires a break and they are still actively working while driving the truck with your goods in it. OP

  3. Then they can be upfront that they want to be paid for that and include it in the quote so OP can decide with full knowledge

  4. Just go enjoy yourself. You're out of the house hearing jokes you've never heard. Who cares what others think of it.

  5. 10/10 amazing 5 stars. It was amazing. I like the comical comment if that was how it was intended lol

  6. Redditor for a year and have only ever posted/commented in the sub for Shanes podcast...hilarious review 🤣🤣🤣

  7. wonder what the comment said b4 it was deleted lol

  8. Na you are mr. I can judge others cuz I'm so high and mighty

  9. If you are buying something illegal then it's not legit, otherwise you can surf there

  10. what do you expect when you're trying to buy drugs online and thru the mail?

  11. It's decriminalized in Denver and the site says they're in Denver and im in Denver

  12. I just had a look at the checkout process and unfortunately all payment methods are non reversible (PayPal friends and family, Bitcoin and Zelle), it’s definitely a scam unfortunately, the insurance email is just another try for the scammers to get more money from you.

  13. I thought it was legit cuz they were using PayPal but I should have caught the red flag that they needed it for "friends and family" smh I'm out over $200

  14. Right? Where can you get these in Colorado?

  15. Think many of us are now here for an update, OP. lol

  16. Lol oo ok. It was mild. Peaked for about an hour and a half. I loved the way colors looked and I started making out human like features in the bushes and trees and it looked like the bushes were dancing. Then everything started looking like a painting and I was giggling for no reason lol. It was fun. I'm 6'5 200lbs tho so next time I'm going to take more because it wasn't as intense as I wanted it to be.

  17. Them bitches are perfect. Pull them hoes young king!

  18. That's me being a newbie trying to pack verm on the sides mid fruiting to try and up the moisture. #fail

  19. PE6 like first picture( what shows spore syringe packet(?))? Its different than 'og' PE. But ypur grows looks nice anyway :)

  20. Thanks! it's my first time I'm trying my best

  21. Pe6 are a cross of pe and Texas gulf cubensis. They attempted to make a pe that would be printable but instead they ended up with a regular wild type phenotype.

  22. I heard pe doesn't drop alot of spores and these covered a 2-3 inch area under them dark blue with spores

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