1. Also want thoughts on Elliot rushing

  2. Been holding for a long while now. Will continue to hold because I do not want to miss out on the giant gains that are coming.

  3. Would like to have seen a “see results” choice to make sure answers aren’t skewed.

  4. Idk how people still decide to have klay on a slip, Dude is a walking question mark.

  5. Trailed this but without tannehill

  6. Risky, could be another sinking ship

  7. Sure. But no risk, no reward.

  8. Where is the market green? LMFAO.

  9. Couldn’t imagine being so comprehensively challenged, I’ll pray for you.

  10. Add 7.5 to whatever trae ends with. That is all.

  11. I got jaylen for points+rebounds. Giannis one scares me.

  12. Price multiplied by Circulating Supply. .00001 x 565,000,000,000,000,000 = $5.65 Trillion. It will never make it there. .000001 will give you a $565 Billion Market Cap which while highly unlikely is still a possibility albeit a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very ... ... ... ... very very very very very very.... very 7 million more times ... very small chance.

  13. Are you high? This math is all types of wrong.

  14. Take 3 zeros away from both. I had the supply at Quadrillion instead of Trillion. 565T x .001 is a 565 billion market cap. I was more concerned with answering his question. .001 is impossible. Dogelon would encompass half of the crypto market cap. Nope.

  15. Just making sure because we are similar to SHIB when it comes to potential ATH’s

  16. I’ve been using the app for awhile and I’m genuinely confused on why it says 5 picks for $0 as well lol

  17. One of these of these rallies is gonna just,

  18. Patience can reward us beyond belief!

  19. What’s a trusty exchange to bag some more this weekend?

  20. Very petty but I’m still holding 7 billion. However there is no denying this is a sinking ship. Even the subreddit had actually lost members in the last months, not a good sign…

  21. If you claim we’re all retarded why do you even hold? You’re seemingly spreading fud.

  22. Cause dogelon isn’t even on it’s own blockchain it’s an offshoot of Etherium, and Etherium is going down the drain and will not recover which means this coin and many like it are fucked.

  23. You can’t even spell Ethereum.

  24. Smashing unders on Marcus has basically been a money maker all year

  25. What I was thinking, brissett could go higher than 222 but we shall see.

  26. I’d say like 20min-45min

  27. No problem! I wish halftime picks were live tbh

  28. Just trailed this. Good luck!

  29. Apparently underdog and other apps were affected with some nba bets but they’re working on it. If you have any questions contact their support team.

  30. the one that a scares me is Brady passing attempt

  31. He’s been throwing for a lot recently but we shall see 🙏🏽

  32. What does the Jeff vs mariota mean and who did you choose?

  33. I bet on Wilson to have more rushing yards than mariota, but Wilson must have 37 more rushing yards against him to win

  34. Carson is a lock, fields likely won’t throw for higher, others are tossup. I’m doing halftime bets for this game.

  35. I genuinely don’t bet on preseason cause their time is inconsistent

  36. I don’t bet until playoffs 😂 too many games in the regular season to be gambling on how long these players will play.

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