1. i recall having to drink to relieve myself of the shame i felt from the shit i did drunk the night before. rinse repeat.

  2. I was told early on there is no problem in the world that a drink will make better.

  3. Man.... potatoes are so cheap everything went up but potatoes still cheap. I learned how to make my own chips using my air fryer.

  4. Our 5 yr old has been obsessed with wires and shit that plugs in since he was 2. He'd much rather build and "engineer" stuff with wires than play with toys. Then he'll make up stories around what he built. Pretty cute stuff

  5. I mean fruit sits out overnight on a tree all the time...

  6. you need one with a silicone based kitchen lubricant that creates a surface 500X more slippery than any cooking oil. you'll really fly down the hill with that,

  7. my 5 and 3 year old call it the Broken Man song

  8. These are my absolute favorites out of the dozens I have read in the past 4+ years:

  9. i second dan siegel's whole brain child.

  10. I struck gold with the in laws. MIL willingly drives an hour on short notice to look after our kids 3 and 5. I honestly don't know how we'd get by without her. She's amazing.

  11. it's better than the no leash some in my neighborhood use

  12. I grew up in Vancouver for 40 years. Just left for quality of life reasons. Traffic is twice a bad as Halifax. We have two bridges connecting north van and van, same as here but Vancouver has 2.6 million people plus tourists ! Streets have tents all over , you see a Lamborghini drive past a homeless camp and you just sense somethings wrong. The mountains are great but they are sold out on a weekend , lots of week days. Look close but the drive there has traffic. The wilderness just is not accessible unless you get 2 hours or more out. Beaches are packed. Rent is double. Housing prices are damn near triple. I could go on and on , but make no mistake quality of life here in Halifax is better but if we double population in 20 years with no plan it won’t stay that way

  13. I remember hydro one employee getting fired for getting caught on camera for saying "f her right in the p****"

  14. then he was rehired after an arbitration process.

  15. If it's their food that drops, there is no statute of limitations.

  16. Which split do you like more, Ben or Adrian? Trying to determine which 5 day split I want to do next, I’ve done Ben’s in the past but really want to focus on lifting and found myself getting bored.

  17. this is what i did. i found my zones derived from the FTP test to be too easy so i manually edited them.

  18. Chick N Deli aka Cluck n Fck aka Veteran's Stadium

  19. Ontario’s medical regulator is limiting public access to its Toronto headquarters over an “increased number of serious threats,” according to a brief news release Monday.

  20. This photo has good potential to be on a cover of an album.

  21. One of my first jobs was at Bandito Video in Dartmouth NS as a 16 yr old. I learned what the word "facetious" meant at that job. A woman called in, asked me to hold a videotape for her behind the desk, and she'd be in to pick it up. I can't remember the video, but it wasn't a new release, wasn't a high demand rental. She came in, and as I handed the movie to her, I said "that's a hot item." She asked me if I was being facetious. I told her I don't know what that word means. Long and short, she made a complaint to the manager about my attitude. I had to offer up an apology, but first I had to look up the meaning of facetious.

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