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  • By - St0pX

shaggie really said shigga

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  1. It is indeed half-baked and subpar.

  2. This has been my experience as well. It seems like google shills are here downvoting.

  3. I appreciate the honesty.. I don't travel international but their pricing for a 4 member family plan ($80 a month) you just can't beat and it looks like the path I am going to take.. I am tired of spending $239 bucks a month after several years with my current carrier.

  4. I will say the actual service is pretty good. I really don’t have issues with calls or the network.


  6. Can you find a more recent, relevant post than what OP is referencing from said user?

  7. No, but it’s irrelevant. This post has nothing to do with an actual implementation of Google Fi 5G service.

  8. My grandmother, who was my main inspiration for coffee consumption, used percolators in the 60s until at least the mid-70s. She had her own for personal use, and also ran a coffee shop in town. I'm not sure if they used a large percolator or a commercial Bunn basket brewer. Most of her coffee was canned pre-ground Maxwell House. I still remember their commercials with endorsements from Margaret Hamilton (who played the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz movie).

  9. That's funny, my grandmother also afforded me my intro to coffee, and she had a huge percolator that she would get out on special occasions to make coffee at home. I was fascinated by it, and the smell of fresh hot coffee. This would have been late 70's, so formative years for me.

  10. Here is the thing about cocaine. Whether you have 1 gram or 10 grams, somewhere between 4 and 6 hours later, you are out of cocaine.

  11. Me, coming out of high school a few minutes after final bell circa 2007, notice one of my buddies and a few other people over the open hoods of two cars, jumper cables in hand:

  12. I’d have to go open my hood, but yeah just based on the photo that’s the best ground to frame I see.

  13. I get what you’re saying, but “god” isn’t the problem, really. I personally feel “god” during meditation or when spending time in nature. What god is or is not, is chemical reactions in your body and brain.

  14. They have no idea what they mean. They just repeat buzzwords they hear on Fox News.

  15. The Earth was actually created by the Sun from an accretion disk of debris. The Sun has provided warmth to nurture life and provided food from photosynthesis for millennia. Even today the Sun provides us with heat and light, without which we would all die. If the Sun is not a God, it gives a very good impression of one!

  16. When monotheism first popped up it was always very solar. In Egypt you had the sun disk Aten, in Persia you had the god of light Ahura Mazda, and even in late Rome, the emperors tried to institute a state diety: Sol Invictus, the unconquered sun. A little bit later the state religion of Rome was changed to Christianity so im sure a lot was folded in there from ol Sol.

  17. For sure. Constantine essentially took what was sun worship / Sol Invictus and blended early Christianity to form a new “christian” religion, one that effectively exists today in both Christian and secular traditions.

  18. *pitbulls should never be living in a home

  19. Maybe this will get enough attention to finally put some laws on the books about these fucking dogs.

  20. Has anyone had an issue with CarPlay? In my 20 Crosstrek sometimes I have to turn my car all the way off, open the door to shut off the electricity, and turn it back on for my phone to get recognized.

  21. All the time. My problem seems to stem from my desire to plug my phone in as soon as I start the car, and it fails every time. If I wait until the car is started and the audio system "disclaimer" or "warning" screen is off, and the input or radio screen is on and operable, it works every time. If I don't, I have to do what you do.

  22. I don’t need to SEE my volume

  23. I like to see the volume level so I can sort of match it with different inputs. BUT it doesn't have to be in the middle of the damn display, and then disable the touch screen.

  24. This is what always gets me about the stimulus checks. If there's a threshold, there is someone just over that is getting fucked, and if you live in a state like CA (which we do), you know that six figures doesn't go far. It should be decided by state / COL, not tax bracket.

  25. According to my dad, it's fine left in the mug until about 2200 when he finds where he set it down at 0600 and walked off.

  26. I'm not OP, but I also have a 22 sport and came from a 19 premium. I just knew what it was. Enjoy yours as well 😀

  27. My bad, I simply replied and didn't check the username. Nice, what color did you go with? Ice Silver here.

  28. Actually here are the 2 together

  29. why the fuck would every country destroy their economy purely for the intention of getting some old man out of office?

  30. Licking stamps to put on large cards to take back to the grocery store to get money off.

  31. Ah yes the Blue Chip Stamps? We had a store in town we used to go to and buy things. I just barely remember that. Probably mid-70's.

  32. I seem to remember an episode of Emergency! where a guy choked on his beer can tab.

  33. Yep, I saw that same episode of Emergency 51. That guy popping the can tab down into his drink and then choking on it is burned into my memory.

  34. Has anyone ever bought cola beans and brewed it like coffee? Would be interesting to see if that's any good

  35. I’m not lol…am I saying something incredibly dumb?

  36. I wouldn't say that, I just think it's an odd thought. I don't think kola nuts can be made palatable like roasted coffee beans. People do chew them, but they're supposedly very bitter.

  37. Literally your job to represent them, asshat. Get out of government, you're broken.

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