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  1. The first letter of every word is in alphabetical order

  2. The fact fetterman could use crowder as a toothpick makes it even worse.

  3. So the guy who brought my pizza doesn't starve because his hourly pay is minimum wage.


  5. A different post said this was King Tuts dick. WHO'S DICK IS THIS FOR REAL?!

  6. Yeah almost like giving your mom the Sunday Night Heat.

  7. I found the newspaper from the bottom right hand corner on ebay and it says June 1st 1942.

  8. (4,368 children were not killed by gun violence in schools)

  9. I mean, it’s gang violence. Not that it makes it ok but the vast majority of these aren’t innocent people out for a walk. It’s not like your kid is likely to surprisingly die of gun violence. Unless they’re in a gang.

  10. Good point friend. I think we can all agree children shouldn't be shot down in any scenario all we can do is hope, and fight.

  11. And then The Sandman added the Singapore cane to his gimmick. E C DUB

  12. Feel bad for bro who said he was gay and then just didn't get to say anything afterwards.

  13. Stone Cold. He also won the royal rumble that year July 98

  14. Oh no a bunch of randos said dumb shit on Twitter to get a rise out of you and you took the bait!

  15. I bet he could pay my rent for a year with what he made eating that crunch wrap.

  16. You're not gonna need glasses when you're drowning in pussy with your new guitar \m/

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