1. I’m going to watch it today!! I’m so excited! Halle looks gorgeous and her singing is beautiful!

  2. i just get a feeling that Amelia slept with our ex boyfriend like fr

  3. Same! She was the one who potentially introduced MC to them and they just left without a warning. Call me paranoid but it feels like something happened with Amelia.

  4. So, how does that work 🤔 Is it like a multiverse thing where you can meet movie Ariel and classic Ariel or are they not allowed to be out in the park at the same time?

  5. Disney has Chris Evans’ Captain America and Anthony Mackie’s Sam in the parks. They also had Anakin in the park and Darth Vader during Star Wars night plus Kylo and Darth Vader both despite Vader being long since dead by the time Kylo was around. They pretty much just use a multiverse explanation when kids ask or avoid the question.

  6. Somewhere there’s going to be a group of fast fashion influencers who are going to walk around in double pants after this movie releases.

  7. Jenna Ortega is slowly becoming the big Gen Z breakout star. She’s practically this gen’s version of Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley.

  8. Somebody said Lavender Haze was copium and got downvoted to hell and was told that Taylor’s career was so important to her so she wasn’t wanting all that.

  9. I fear she will elope with Matt. She’s burning her career real time to be with him. A lot of her fans are selling their tickets, speaking out against her, and websites are writing scathing articles. She’s under a lot of fire and her usual strategy of ignoring the issue isn’t cutting it. With all of this backlash, she’s probably going to cling to him and marry him just to justify in her head that it was all worth it.

  10. It’s obvious they split because he didn’t want marriage. She wrote an entire album of practically her wedding vows to him and he still didn’t propose. It was clear there was a divide there and the relationship was running its course.

  11. Is anyone else’s for you page so off? I get maybe 2 videos that I like and everything else is random and boring. Or those stupid videos of a movie or show with a half screen of a DIY project.

  12. Trilla. She’s a heartbreaking story. I keep thinking of how the little Rodian Padawan clung to her afraid as she tried protecting him and how she was going to join Cal and Cere at the end.

  13. I really like the book so far, but does anyone feel like the plot is moving too fast? There’s a lot of revelations and not enough time to process them. It feels like you were thrust in the middle of an established story and the book assumes you just know what is happening.

  14. Do you recommend watching it in theaters or waiting for it to drop on Disney plus?

  15. Britney Spears had a very deep voice when she began to sing but damaged it. She used her baby voice technique too much. I’ve seen clips of her singing now and her voice is definitely scratchy when she sings compared to her start.

  16. Why can’t we just have like a healthy, happy twin for us? She’s gonna steal our partner 🥹. Even if you’re nice to her, it seems like she’s a little catty to MC. Jealousy maybe?

  17. Means their mom checks to make sure the dates are trustworthy or safe. She either questions them before the date or runs a background check depending on how the vetting goes.

  18. Be careful because I am not sure this will be the last you hear of him. Keep your guard up, he might be trying to spread the cheating rumor just to get his mom off his back or he might be trying to ruin your reputation so you have to go back to him. Either way, he seems unhinged and like an extremist religious nut so warn your boss about him too since he said you hooked up with men from work and he might try to tell your work that too.

  19. Oh definitely keep a guard up. This man and his mommy might just spin lies to their congregation and try and ruin OP.

  20. 3 years is also pretty fast for it to get so bad, isn't it? Assuming she wasn't noticably sick yet when OOP left.

  21. I mean she did lose her husband around that time too. The grief likely made things worse and her kid being so far away.

  22. Dude, I put on the 90s Batman Saturday morning cartoon out of nostalgia and curiosity. My husband, who claimed he was just going to be on his phone and not watch TV, was glued to the show! That shit holds up! I have no shame with my cartoons as an adult. Rachel can go fuck off.

  23. Yesterday my 60s & 70s grandparents were watching Tom and Jerry on their tv. Cartoons are for everyone.

  24. YTA. It's absolutely none of your business, and it reeks of misogyny to imply that she has to ask her boyfriend's permission to visit her friends. You should apologize.

  25. This doesn’t read as misogyny to me. I think OOP would have made the same comment if the friend had been male. It’s less “women need permission” and more “you’re in a relationship and this sounds like you want to cheat.”

  26. You’re not his therapist. Trauma doesn’t give someone a free pass to hurt others. If it was such a painful time, he could have done anything else that wasn’t breaking your trust and cheating.

  27. There’s no way Nick Cannon is a good dad to all those kids.

  28. Absolutely no way. I’ve seen people say that he shouldn’t be judged for having so many kids because he has the money to afford it, but money alone doesn’t make a parent. Kids need attention and emotional support that he cannot reasonably provide adequately to so many.

  29. Isn’t Chris Pratt a complete dick to his son with a disability and his first wife?

  30. Holocron! If you get the Jedi one, you can hear Obi Wan’s last Holocron message about the Jedi order falling even without a crystal. I love it and don’t have any crystals for it yet because I’m happy with just my Kanan replica.

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