1. What’s you use for training? Mine are smaller by far but flowers are there 🤷🏻‍♀️ same week

  2. Id love to know as well. One of my plants are looking almost exactly like that. I admit pH is probably my weakest area but I've been making sure the water I'm putting in is adjusted.

  3. It’s probably the genetics because my other plants aren’t showing any type of deficiencies and they all been getting the same water and nutrients

  4. You probably should transplant that thing out of the solo cup. I used the same cups for my SOG grow and when I transplanted them (they were half the size of yours pictured) the roots were already coming back up the cup.

  5. Yea I have no more space in my tents unfortunately I’m waiting for some of my autos to finish up I can transplant the rest these photos I have in a cup, I have two more in a cup and they look regular both top sites are growing equal

  6. Ah, I feel that. Good luck with your grow nonetheless!

  7. How much water are you giving the solos at this stage? I’m having trouble finding a balance with mine. Also do you have any holes cut out in the bottom of the cup for runoff?

  8. I use a water bottle to water my solos, it’s usually 12oz of water per cup and I poke 3 holes n the bottom for run off

  9. And you wait until it’s completely dry before watering again?

  10. Yea it usually takes about a day or two, as the plant grows you’re prolly going to want to give it more water, I usually just lift my cup and if it feels light and the soil is. Dry i water

  11. For autos i see it as showing sex is basically the very start of flowering. They’re not like photos where they show sex but you need to flip the lights to start flowering. Autos just start flowering and showing sex is the start of it.

  12. Gotcha I just asked cuz I had my humidifier running and didn’t want to keep it going knowing autos move so fast

  13. It could just be the early signs and it could still take another 2-4 weeks to actually start flowering but with my recent auto experience, it went to flower about a week after it started showing signs. It's hard to tell if it was normal or stress induced but I did top it by accident {I was drunk, lol}

  14. Lmfao well I just gave my plant some lst so I doubt that’ll do it

  15. Looks a little moist, how's the temp humidity and air flow. If the root zone doesn't get enough oxygen you can see some of the symptoms on your leaves

  16. Hmm that’s explains It I need betters fan in this tent

  17. You just want to avoid the medium staying too moist for an extended period although it's a fine line because with organics you need to avoid a dry medium

  18. Yea I’m using organic but I haven’t fed her yet she just started day 15

  19. i personally like to keep the soil moist all the way thru. but i grow organically, and dont want to kill off any good microbes in the soil. but i have known lots of synthetic growers that swear by a wet/dry cycle of really letting it dry out before watering again.

  20. I have used these lights in the past still have a couple laying around I used 2 1000 cob in a 3x3 & 4x4 and they do work but there is much better for similar price I would consider spider farmer products much better light spread better heat distribution better quality better control

  21. Really they work for me lol

  22. I just posted a link for you to check out. Build your own light. And if you want to upgrade your space just add more panels and drivers. Plus they are decently priced.

  23. don't make the mistakes i made invest directly in a quality lamp even if it costs more.

  24. Look for a brand that has a higher amount of viable spores over the amount of propagules. The viable spores are more effective and will colonize in your substrate. Propagules aren't all viable spores, meaning that only some of the spores are able to propagate. Pro-mix has a phenomenal mycorrhizae, it's pricey, but it has the highest amount of viable spores out of any brand I've seen on the market yet at 6000 per gram. Most other brands top out around 500 propagules and aren't all viable spores. Hope this makes sense and gives you a bit of an idea of what to look for when choosing what brand you want to try.

  25. That’s amazing thanks, I use pro mix soil so I’m assuming that’ll make it even better to use

  26. for myco, just a little pinch per gal will do it. if youre brewing tea, i cut it as a soil drench at 10-30%. and as a foliar spray at 50/50%.

  27. My second grow was done like this and it was devastating and probably gave me some form of growers PTSD. Made it most of the whole grow before I realized it went intersex, hermed out and seeded all my was a learning experience though. I still smoked all of the shitty weed either way. I still counted the harvest as a success. This obviously won't happen to everyone but some bagseed is herm prone.

  28. Well I plan on flipping these girls into flower after my autos are done and my two blueberry photos are flowered so it won’t mess up most my plants , I have these sitting in red plastic cups for now

  29. I would most definitely grow them on their own so they don't reek havoc on any other plants. You may end up with some killer flower though. You never know. If the seeds were made by the fem being pollinated by a near by male you may have something interesting. Even if it was pollinated by itself you may get some killer flower. It's just a gamble with the chance of herm but ya can't live life unless ya roll the dice. Good luck my friend.

  30. Oh yea I’m def gon roll the dice, just going to smartly gamble with it by dealing with them last and thanks bro

  31. Shoot all in all they look just fine. i’ve had some seeds take a week just to sprout after germination. They sprouted and look healthy. Good luck!

  32. Is the soil you’re using loaded with nutrients? Hot soil (soil with excess nutrients) could stunt any plants growth also hurt a seedling for sure. I can’t tell exactly from the picture but to me it looks like the second funky looking plant could maybe be nutrient burnt.

  33. I've got the TS2000 in mine and it's good enough that I haven't felt the need to upgrade. If I do upgrade it'll be to the medic grow light. 3x3 is a weird size not a lot of companies make square lights for it and most bar lights are too big.

  34. Nah I’ve had times where the seed case was hanging from the leaf but not as a helmet

  35. The light inside is wide and bulges but works perfect in my 3x3

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