1. are you sure it’s a european date? op’s catch location is arizona, in the usa it’s mm/dd/yyyy

  2. Xywav tastes like if you dropped a sugar cube into mop water 🥴

  3. To me Xywav tastes like someone isolated the "diet" part of diet sodas. And that's basically what it is since it's salt, water, and sucralose.

  4. I was going to add that I despise artificial sweeteners for the weird taste/aftertaste they impart, too, so I just don’t see myself being OK with downing two doses of Xywav nightly without gagging.

  5. Why is no one else talking about the fact they got married "last year", it's November (the 11th) month of the year. But he has a 10 month old? The math ain't mathing. Sounds like a huge lie and some cheating. Plus if he thinks he's gonna be saving money by having 50/50 custody he's actually an idiot.

  6. 10M means 10 yr old male child (son) and 7F means 7 yr old female child (daughter). The math is just fine.

  7. I’d start by asking HR what their process is for requesting a disability accommodation and go from there. Personally, I would not say what specific accommodation you’re going to be asking for until everything is on paper and in writing, so as to CYA in case stuff goes sideways.

  8. I am trying lamictal because the Prozac is killing me and I have college finals coming up lol. I am in the same spot as you tho so :) at least we know we aren’t alone!!! I hope the mood stabilizers work for you and I!!

  9. The above user literally used segments of your post verbatim as a comment; it’s some kind of bot.

  10. And uninhabited land. Access to the Lake Chaplain area generally prohibited.

  11. Actually, there’s some limited hiking around the lake in the summer months, and fishing in the lake is allowed (artificial lures only, no parts of the human body can touch the water; no swimming, no inflatables of any kind, no gasoline motors). The view from the dam is very pretty.

  12. Negative. Sunosi worked for me for about a month at the starter dose, and for about another month at the current max dose. And then it pretty much just stopped working altogether. But for the short period of time that it did work, I, too, could swear that it was a miracle “cure”. Until it wasn’t…

  13. You might want to consider going on LOA for the two weeks preceding the MSLT. Accommodations can take a long time and there’s no guarantee your employer will play ball with them, but a medical LOA is a medical LOA and they can’t say sh!t. If that’s an option for you, that is.

  14. I wish I could!! I don’t think I can go two weeks without pay though and I don’t get short-term disability.

  15. FMLA can get you out for a continuous period of time as well, not just intermittent, and it’s job protected and paid (up to 12 weeks per year, cumulatively).

  16. I have suspected that he may have been depressed. I have brought it up a few times that he should look into the symptom of depression. I’ve sent him links to mental health stuff.. I’ve also been asking him to consider a psych since January (which he finally organised a week and a half ago). His parents haven’t taught him boundaries and he doesn’t understand them at all.. and he’s broken a fair few and allowed other people to break them instead of acting protectively over the relationship which has caused issues. He told me recently he feels exhausted and burnt out so I have taken 100% responsibility over the household chores/groceries/the kids/cooking and nothing has changed… in fact it’s gotten worse.

  17. The talk is apparently about things that have upset him over the last year that he hasn’t felt comfortable telling me. He has an avoidance-dismissive attachment style and hates confrontation. I’ve told him I’m happy to hear him on what he needs to talk about but we need to dig deeper into why he felt like he couldn’t bring things up that upset him, and that we need to look at what he was taught as a child about communication and how that’s impacted him now as he’s never dealt with it. I feel like his therapist :(

  18. You ARE being his therapist. That’s not an equitable place to be in a relationship.

  19. I think this one depends on whether or not you experience cataplexy (N1) or not (N2), whether you’re medicated at all and how well your symptoms are controlled, and ample self awareness.

  20. It must be case by case dependent. I created one last month and it was published as soon as I hit the “submit” button. Pretty wild.

  21. That is truly crazy! Do you recall the day of the week or time it was published?

  22. Thank you so much for the advice! I never would've thought Medicare would cover Xyrem. I would've gone on Medicare last year instead of setting my savings aflame by paying for COBRA. But the more you know! Thanks again for the pointers.

  23. Clarification: medicARE doesn’t pay for Xyrem (just ask the numerous folks in this forum who have lost access when they retired), but medicAID does.

  24. One of the things I’ve learned from this sub that I really appreciate is, the goal is not to get diagnosed with narcolepsy. The goal is to figure out what’s going on. There’s a chance it won’t be narcolepsy. It could be something else and maybe that is easier to treat.

  25. There has to be something else behind their thought process about sending/receiving in game gifts.

  26. Actually, you absolutely can communicate with other players like other games. It’s called Campfire and Discord.

  27. Discord isn’t a part of the official function of the game. And campfire is relatively new. (Anecdotally) I doubt a great many people from their player base use it say compared against the built in chat function or say, clash of clans or similar games

  28. Well, yes, all of this is true, though because the technology exists and is used for this specific purpose, it should not be discounted.

  29. I have a somewhat similar story in some regard: years of progressive pain complaints starting in middle school, hopping from specialist to specialist, pain levels increasing all over the body and culminating in feeling of ants crawling all over my arms eventually resulting in a fibromyalgia dx, then a narcolepsy dx, then a referral to an Ehlers-Danlos specialist for continuous subluxations of both wrists and thumbs (couldn’t zip my pants without having to adjust everything back into place).

  30. Oh, my apologies for having a US-centric perspective. I have no idea about blood donation restrictions in other countries. You can certainly give blood on Modafinil in the US and on medications that have an even stronger link to birth defects (e.g. topiramate, lisinopril). Realistically, a single exposure to those medications from a transfusion probably won't cause harm, but we really don't know and we won't ever know because it's not possible to test that on human subjects.

  31. I suppose that the risks of not getting a transfusion far outweigh those associated with the potential possibility of a birth defect, so there’s also that.

  32. Not op but mine is grey. Are there different ways to treat it depending on the color? If so, any suggestions?

  33. If yours are gray, then “standard” beauty methods will work (cold spoons, tea compresses, lightening creams, etc.) and, of course, better quality sleep.

  34. The space heaters have been out for a couple of weeks now. Haven’t turned the furnace on yet, but suspect that’ll be happening by the end of the month.

  35. That's good to know, I'm always worried I'll have to do it but I literally can't wake myself up early much less drive first thing in the morning...

  36. I sent back the jury duty summons with a statement of why I would not be able to serve, stating I am narcoleptic and have periods of uncontrollable daytime drowsiness and inability to stay focused on tasks at hand, and impaired ability to comprehend presented information, especially in situations requiring prolonged sitting and maintaining attention. Or something to that effect. I also enclosed a note from my doctor which very vaguely stated something to the same effect (patient has medical condition which causes uncontrollable daytime drowsiness).

  37. Links are allowed, so long as they’re not for product sales, self promotion of any kind, the linked content is not NSFW or 18+, and don’t violate any community rules.

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