1. Given the time constraints, I would have done exactly as you said. It’s the most efficient way.

  2. It’s just a bid for connection; he’s initiating this thing called talking to a person he loves and wants to hear you share thoughts going through your head.

  3. Thank you! I’m really proud of him! I see, so for his second look, start with the basic first step again? Kinda daisy chaining it?

  4. No, if you do what you described, your second step will effectively reward looking at the dog after he looks at you.

  5. Ahh, cool! I’d never considered the subtle difference between rewarding a one-off command versus rewarding the end of duration of the command.

  6. I’ve done that; it helped me to keep the legs from escaping from a slightly undersized roasting pan. Then I just freed the drumsticks and pulled it out, easy peasy.

  7. Yeah, turns out it was supposed to be in! My lack of attention to detail worked in my favor today!

  8. Everything I read is that eating while taking xyrem gives you fucked up side effects

  9. Hasn’t been my experience thus far (I’ve had no side effects to speak of, actually, aside from early in the titration period). It just makes Xyrem less effective for me, easier to fight through, eat more, mess up or miss the second dose, struggle to wake up in the morning, and then have a very disappointing day of being fatigued, unmotivated, and sleepy.

  10. Generally it will just make you out of whack if you don’t get the full two doses. An also give you nausea

  11. Onset refers to when the symptom presents itself in the timeline of disease progression. So, to illustrate the pubmed statement: you started to experience excessive sleepiness at 18 yo and didn’t start having cataplexy until you were 30 yo.

  12. Lake Stevens is wearing hunting camo over their waders and showed up in an AWD Tesla with a 16 ft aluminum lake boat in tow. Tells anyone who will listen how wonderful it is to see such diversity from all over the state represented at the gathering, but is noticeably socially awkward around everyone and feels like it doesn’t fit in. After a few drinks, all they can talk about is how the facility wasn’t designed to host this many attendees and it’s absolutely a safety hazard, and are frantically checking their watch and scanning all viable exits to futilely try to predict the most optimal time to make their getaway for when there is the fewest number of moving obstacles in their way.

  13. I only leave him in the car for a few minutes at a time when it's not hot (not in summer), and only if it's really neccessary. Also, you can put our car in "dog mode", which leaves AC on.

  14. What model, make, and year car has a “dog mode” in it? Never heard of that.

  15. No grocery stores,restaurants, unless dining outside. My dog has gone to Home Depot, and Pet Smart,and Tractor Supply. Target is allowed, but he's a pit mix so I know Karen's would have a word,so no.

  16. I’ve taken mine and seen others with their dogs at Kohl’s. Employees and shoppers just assumed he was either working or in training since he was a lab and super well behaved (little did they know he was people and dog reactive - frustrated greeter - and we were working on behavior modification).

  17. Xyrem. Nothing else I’ve tried worked and generally made it even worse.

  18. Compare the “pita bread mushroom” with Meripilus sumstinei, common name blackening polypore

  19. Don’t tell them until after you’re hired. Don’t.

  20. It’s not unheard of for overqualified and over experienced candidates to be passed up for a position because the interviewer considers them to be a “flight” risk as soon as an opportunity better matching their skills and experience presents itself. So they’d rather hire someone slightly underqualified into a reach position and grow them, as the person is more likely to stay longer and be appreciative of the job.

  21. For me personally, a sudden swing in being overly emotional like that usually means I need to eat, and fast. Before meds, I used to get wiped out and very sleepy after an emotional event, so I suppose if you follow the sequence, it’s sort of similar to what you’re describing. I suspect it has something to do with blood sugar level (some people get hangry, I get either irrationally irritable or can start crying at even the slightest provocation).

  22. Fill your syringe partway with air and squeeze it into the bottle. Then get your meds out.

  23. Still won’t work😭😭 I’ve been trying that’s

  24. Are you pressing the syringe into the lid? I’ve found that if i don’t press it down into the hole really tight, I can’t get anything out either (yeah yeah, what she said).

  25. I stopped at 4.0+3.75 of Xyrem. When I dip below 3.75, I start having vivid dreams and struggle with waking up from them. When I go above 4.25, I’m hungover the following day and end up sleeping for 10+ hours.

  26. Yeah I’m thinking titrating down the dose may be the solution. You’re saying it helps if you take Xyrem 2+ hours after your last meal?

  27. I’m saying it absolutely makes a huge difference if I finish eating 2+ hours before my first dose. I take the doses on a rigid schedule, so the flexibility is introduced into the mealtime, not the other way around. If the last time I ate is 4pm and now it’s suddenly 7:30pm and I haven’t eaten anything (I take my first dose at 9:30pm), I don’t eat or will eat a smallish snack and that’s it.

  28. I worked my reactive dog at home first, starting with eye contact and marker words (yes/good, alternative to clicker training), and up and down hallways against the wall to teach movement with me and to teach him to check in with me.

  29. Mine isn’t quite like you’re describing but more like I turn my head and even though my eyes are now registering what’s in front of them, my mind is still processing what I was seeing before I turned my head. I call it “parallax effect” for some reason.

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