1. That update is permanent! You can read more about it here, there are 3 pages you can navigate through at the top to see everything that was added:

  2. About 3 years ago when my previous VPN stopped supporting the one website I bought it for and then I saw the ad for NordVPN, which didn't only support it but was also cheaper

  3. When the show you wanna watch is completely blocked in your country and there is nothing you can do

  4. It's either math homework or the questions/answers to a math exam. The title says "Question 4". If I had to guess I would say maybe it's someone posting a leak to a future exam or the answer of a homework assignment.

  5. The handwriting is REALLY hard to understand. The general thing I get from it is that she is sending blessings to someone, starting it by saying this is being sent to keep as a loving memory, however the few words I understand can't seem to form a proper message in order to get any context. I could tell it's a well wishing card to people she really loved though.

  6. I'm glad you like it! It was originally set to male only because female toons got the witch outfit and we wanted it to be fair that each gender will get equal options. It was also one of the first TTR clothing additions from long time ago, so our resources were a bit more limited. If this was today I would probably make 2 versions for both costumes so both genders can have them and it would also look way better than this thing, but back then admittedly my overall skill wasn't as good as it is today and I took longer to get each part done, and the torso differences are really affecting this type of design so it would have been more high scope. :P

  7. The first line means "Wadi [name]", it should be a location name, but the handwriting of the second word is too unclear for me to understand which one. Doesn't sound like any wadi I can recognize.

  8. yoooo it's nice to see you're still active in the community, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed watching your YT videos back then :)

  9. Aww thank you! And yeah even though I don't make videos anymore, I'm still a staff mumber on the team, so I'm always active even when I don't post anything.

  10. Different color frames and different color lenses, not even close to identical

  11. It's like the expensive gaming equipment where they always charge you more if you wanna buy the exact same product but in pink.

  12. Because the expensive ones are COOL Summer Shades, of course. You pay more for the brand, just like in real life!

  13. Throwback to when I couldn't play because the only thing I had left was working on my Bossbot suit, and nobody wanted to work on Bossbot in any district other than Nutty River because nobody could afford finishing a back nine without an invasion, and I had no friends so I had no way to get into Nutty River... :(

  14. That’s a really sweet story. And you just reminded me of the Island of Misfit toys!

  15. Yeah that's fair as you paid a lot of money and you deserve better quality, though it is sad to think if you have to send it back for a refund they will likely throw it away. :(

  16. thanks for trying to help out! in postnord (the danish/nord mailing system) there is a page about international reply coupons and how to use them. frankly enough denmark is one of the countries supporting the international reply coupon. but still thanks for trying to lend out a hand!

  17. If you are still having trouble please let me know, I can talk to the guy in charge of the Member Mailers and see if we can find a different solution for you.

  18. There are many ways to get clothes and accessories!

  19. Correct, and I also agree the first one sounds better and more common in Hebrew.

  20. It's not Hebrew. Sounds like something latin to me, maybe something similar to Spanish that shares some words but not exactly Spanish. I believe it could be something from Europe because it mentions San Marino.

  21. I would add that it means "no available 'free' picture" which means it doesn't have a picture that is either royalty free or uploaded by the copyright owner and is allowed for them to use.

  22. לקוחות יקרים, שימו לב: שעות הפעילות של בית הקפה יסתיימו בשעה עשר.

  23. ^ That's correct as a translation, but the phrasing is kinda odd to begin with. I think it's more common to end with "the cafe will be closing at 10 o’clock":

  24. It's a bit unclear and lacking some context but this is what I understood:

  25. I found another mirror of the game on Disney's Australian website thanks to the TTO wiki. With the Wayback Machine I downloaded the files that the game was trying to find.

  26. Does that mean you can get the "Happy Dance" one to play as well? I think nobody did it before as most people wouldn't know how to even check which files are missing/where to put them so they won't count as missing anymore (or at least I don't).

  27. Oh, I thought you meant someone did save it. I've changed a few computers since 2007 so there is no way I would have that saved, sadly I only took the swf because I didn't really know how these things work back then. :( Guess that game might be lost forever.

  28. They might be made in Ukraine but this specific pack came from Israel (even if it wasn't made here), since it is the standard warning by the israeli Ministry of Health, plus the color confirms it. The law in Israel says the packs must be in this specific shade of color, Pantone 448 C, because it's known as "the ugliest color in the world", and must have a giant warning on them, to make the packs look as unattractive as possible (same color is also used in a few other countries but the label here is israeli).

  29. Thanks. Lets hope they sell tickets at the door...

  30. What are you trying to buy? Could probably check if they sell tickets at the door or not. Also if you are able to use PayPal on that site it might work without an ID number.

  31. Thanks! Captain morgan is a rum brand and Haddock is an alcoholic character from Tintin.

  32. I guess that explains how Captain Haddock "drinks" Captain Morgan then. :P

  33. Buildings if you have to choose, but personally I would check different HQ Officers to look for different tasks, as each offers different options (you can check all playgrounds). Also, note the tasks offered will refresh every hour, so if you can't find anything good sometimes it's worth a little wait for the hour to change (they shuffle on the hour mark), and then you can start checking all playgrounds again for a good task.

  34. I know someone who has been stuck in a similar situation since before Christmas. Put in a ticket with the ttr team on their discord. Otherwise sit tight and wait for them to do something

  35. Did your friend email support about it? Sadly this has to be fixed manually per account so they have to send an email rather than just going to the general bug reporting section on Discord:

  36. Hi, sadly this is a rare bug that has to be fixed manually on your account, please email support so they could help you directly:

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