[Antonio Brown] My biggest regret in my career...

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  1. At this rate, will Twitter even make it to the trade deadline?

  2. You can make a "We didn't start the fire" parody of just the start of this season alone.

  3. He forgot, "Not asking for consent from my personal trainer to ejaculat on her back while she watched a church service on an iPad."

  4. For all mankind. I tapped out towards the end of season 2.

  5. Jared Leto. I think he probably yells his own name.

  6. Does anyone else's app crash when they try to download a gif after the update?

  7. Same here with any media download, Boost crashes a moment or so after the download. Pixel 6, Android 12.

  8. Dinwiddie type pick in that he was a first rounder who just got injured. He’s earned his spot

  9. ...who was ironically drafted by Detroit, and we let him go for nothing.

  10. YUFA Strike Mandate Vote: FAQ for York Students and Community Members

  11. As a constituent in Randy Hilliers Riding, we would get emails from him. Now it seems I am getting emails from

  12. Kobe is one of the most intense competitors of all time. He made himself a champion on sheer will and force of spirit.

  13. Thank you for calling this out. Kobe was a rapist. The elevation to basketball sainthood is fucking disgusting.

  14. I mean, time will tell, but maybe that's why ontario has been sitting on the cushion for? Btw, your username reminds me of a 90's hip hop track that I can't place right now, I'm digging it.

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