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  1. It still does. Yes wins/losses are the driver and that +/- is independent of your performance in that game but:

  2. 4 times total for 40 challenges you have to complete 2 weeks total or 20 challenges throughout

  3. For me I feel like the BR is too much of an all rounder and should have its close quarters effectiveness reduced to give you a reason to use the AR

  4. AR beats the BR at a pretty good range of distances

  5. Most of the new lane requests are at the 3 choke points. Where the road shifts everyone into fewer lanes, if they avoided that life would be a lot easier. If you could keep 3 lanes traffic would just move better in general imo because with 2 you have semis going slow and clogging one lane 24/7

  6. Isn't that even worse close to the end? Rain -> Temps drop -> surface freezes -> big dump that can't stick to the base, creating an unstable layer?

  7. It depends where you are. In Colorado/Utah continental snowpack is one of the more dangerous. Its relatively shallow and so the snow layers never really get conditions to heal. When you get a thaw freeze cycle it helps solidify those previously weak layers. So spring/summer has the lowest avalanche risk.

  8. "A lot of assumptions" was actually one assumption, was reading quickly at work and the fact that I disagreed with your final take (to each their own) skewed my response to be a little more aggressive...

  9. I agree. Slaying out doesn't matter so long as you're winning more games than you're losing. Once you hit 50/50 you'll no longer rank up but since your mmr matches your csr, games should be much more even as the season progresses. Since player selection for lobbies are csr based ranks should stabilize giving players a better chance to learn and grow against fairly even teams.

  10. Currently I am Diamond something low like 1-2. On a win I get +11 and on a loss I get -6. This is essentially forcing me to level up no matter what.

  11. I think in general books with sex scenes are too complicated for normal 7 year olds to read. Most of what would be in there would go completeley over their head and so would be considered very boring and difficult by their standards. Books have a good self filtering system in general so worrying about age appropriateness isn't particularly important. I don't think a mere description of any situation can ever realistically traumatise a child. You need context to visualise literature effectively.

  12. Reading angels in America out loud in class was too much for me when I was like 16. Shit is graphic and being awkward teenage years reading that stuff out loud was not productive.

  13. 16 seems waaay too old to be censoring content tbh. There was a kid at school who was watching like Nightmare on Elm Street and stuff at line 7 years old; that was weird. There was a kid at school whose parents wouldn't let them watch stuff like Nightmare on Elm Street at 16; that was also very weird lol.

  14. I mean bring this back into context. Not censoring or banning or forbidding by any stretch of the imagination.

  15. If you’re focused on backcountry you can go up north and avoid traffic. RMNP and around Cameron pass. Living in Boulder would probably be ideal

  16. Off hand my best guess is you’re just used to the Burton board. It’s softer, it might be much more narrow, it might be shorter, etc making it easier to turn and get on edge.

  17. FYI. Do not admit to buying them. They are transferable but not sellable. If you have any issue with the ticket never tell any staff you bought it. Say a friend of a friend gave it to you.

  18. How early did you come back? I’m 5 months post op right now. So antsy to get back to sports.

  19. It’s going to depend pretty dramatically on your exact injury, the graft they used, how your body responds to surgery, how well the surgery was done, how hard you’ve done PT, age, etc. talk to your doctor and PT about a realistic timeline. They should be giving you some guidance on that this far into recovery. Returning prematurely can weaken the graft, risk additional injury, or just retear everything.

  20. I always agree for "weaker" starter weapons, this way people are rewarded for controlling the map more, instead of just focussing on power items and ignoring the sandbox like how happenes in BR starts and older Halos.

  21. You need a strong utility weapon at spawn otherwise you’ll get pinned and totally dominated even if the teams are relatively even. It’s really really not fun. Every halo has had the strong spawn weapon for most of its life despite trying a weaker spawn weapon every time.

  22. What I mean is halo ce had pistol, halo 2 tried the smg briefly and quickly swapped to Br starts, halo 3 did the same thing with the ar to br, etc. it’s been tried by devs and failed, we’ve had custom games and forge for years and never had a better starting weapon chosen.

  23. Yep, most of the people still playing ranked have been playing for a while at this point. I got Onyx a month into S1 then stopped playing, got placed in Diamond 3 after my placement matches in S2, stopped playing bc of the horrendous connections immediately after. Now in S3 I did my 5 placement matches and got plat 5, now I know I've gotten "rusty" but not to the point of going from onyx to plat 5 if we only go by the playerbase at launch/start of season 2. People have gotten drastically better at the game and/or the really bad players stopped playing ranked for one reason or another

  24. This is where I’m at exactly too. Weird. I’ve gotten back to Diamond 1 or 2 I think but my ping is awful and now averaging 70 up from 30 past seasons. Lots of deaths behind walls and melee issues.

  25. I’m glad I saw this. Melee has been dog shit since the last update. Ive never had this issue with backsmacks but this week in ranked I’ve hit people square in the back and turned around assuming I killed them for them to not die and sometimes not even take damage. Around tight corners we’ll melee each other and only my shields drop. I’ve been getting the super melee (one melee killed despite having enough health to warrant 2) also.

  26. I’m pretty sure you can via area monitors. I don’t think it’s actually bode scripting but you can set some settings around the map fx. I don’t really remember it’s been a bit since I played with forge but I’m almost positive it’s possible.

  27. I don't think you understand. I don't care about player count or popularity as long as I'm consistently getting matches and content updates. When that stops happening, I'll move on to other games. Don't invest so much emotional energy into it.

  28. My issue is while I can get games I’m getting loads of lag and crashes. Pre season 3 I always had less than 35 ping now I’m up around 70 regularly and worth that lots and lots of deaths behind walls, stuttering, dead shots etc

  29. While I love what he’s done and delivered- playlists are super fucked right now and game modes are a joke. Hope this period was just lost in the transition and isn’t representative of his vision or work. I also really really hope this doesn’t take away from his ability to focus on that community playlist

  30. At launch people complained about behemoth basically nonstop. In hindsight I think it was a pretty good CTF map.

  31. Way too stalematey. You team wipe and push flag they all spawn with the flag in sight almost immediately. You wipe them again and pull flag they are now spawning behind you with you/flag in sights.

  32. Do we have confirmation it'll be back on its own? I really hate the rest of the bundle its in and I hate that they're so blatantly preying on FOMO with this one

  33. They basically said they’ll offer big bundles at steep discounts and then smaller bundles or subsets of that larger bundle or individually later

  34. Historically I’ve set up my documents on Google drive with very specific sharing settings. I.e. no downloads, and the link expires after a few weeks.

  35. I’m a renter and a landlord and I don’t want this information. I want to know that my tenants are employed and that they can afford the rent. I don‘t care if they need to cut back on Uber eats or in—App microtransactions. That’s on them.

  36. They look at pay stubs as an easy way to see what percentage of their income is going to be going to rent. There’s some benchmarks on what is sustainable/doable like 30%. They look at bank statements to see if there’s any very large recurring bills like a car payment that can make it hard to pay rent. They look at credit to make sure they are affording their lifestyle and can pay existing bills. They ask for references so they know you aren’t going to trash the place. They ask for some citizenship or proof of legal residency so they know you won’t get deported.

  37. There’s some fun scripting stuff with bots via forge and the custom games browser. Like someone remade nazi zombies kinda as an example.

  38. Ya there’s voice line leaks for extraction/some firefight thing and forge lord (a 343 dev that seems to follow through) has said they are trying to get campaign AI in forge- ie custom firefight set ups. But we have zero timeline and those voice leaks are pretty old.

  39. I like the bandit starts in BTB, but I personally think it'd be too much in 4v4 arena maps. I feel that I wouldn't engage much with picking up most non power weapons in 4v4s if we all had bandit starts.

  40. Looks like I’m in the minority here but I’m not a fan of the bandit, give me the sidekick any day. The sidekick is really satisfying to use at close range and it encourages players to scavenge for weapon pickups.

  41. Side kick is way better than the bandit and discourages way more map pickups. I think that’s the point

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