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  1. Are you based in the U.K.? My ragdoll kitten had a brother in his litter called Maserati who looked just like yours!

  2. It was not good. Tasted like warm powdered milk.

  3. I always knew there was a reason the blue loop and blue m&m tasted better

  4. Given what happened last night, it seems like Bob's the one leaving Maxdot.

  5. I’m thinking this is the writers way of getting him to go to Johns Hopkins with Abishola for medical school.

  6. Can't imagine how hard it must be to go through calling and explaining, just to find out you don't have enough money to hear what to do with your sick animal.

  7. I think they do take into account people who can’t afford it. My grandma called and mentioned she’s on a fixed income and Medicare and they told her not to worry about the fee.

  8. I love his coloring. It looks like he’s a Maine coon with Abyssinian coloring

  9. His coloring gives away that he is not full MC, maybe not even MC at all by the looks of it. Mixed with something like abyssinian.

  10. I was thinking maybe he could be a little part main coon because I see the little bit of ear tufts on the tip

  11. Best one I’ve seen. I love the bright colors and the reflection in the water

  12. My wife is vegan and listens to that other woman rapper. What do I do?!

  13. Teach her to churn butter. That might save her

  14. I just bought a new car. I better not have to buy another one

  15. I work at Disney, everyone is getting it here

  16. Google it! Plus I own one and have owned two quakers too

  17. That’s a green cheek conure, not a Quaker ;) but a cutie

  18. How can you tell? My sister got it at a flea market so I have no clue.

  19. There’s a local homeless guy where I live and he can make about $2000 a week. His brother offered him jobs all the time but he says he makes more money on the street then anywhere else

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