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  1. The bogo deal there is still going on? And forgive me but what are the spending ranges to do that deal?

  2. It isn't current going on, however I heard the worker tell someone it's supposed to happen every other week or something to that degree. And it has been, according to my payperiods and dispensary trips lol it's minimum 100 up to 150 and they match whatever you buy.dowm to the product but you can choose different strains if available.

  3. Pretty sure that’s just the copyright date

  4. Nope…I wound up putting it in a washing machine drip pan cuz I continually forget to empty the spent water reservoir, but that’s on me not the machine.

  5. Very tempted to get one finally after looking at them for the last year or so. Would make things a lot easier, I’m in Arizona so it’s a pain to get a room down to a good drying temp especially this time of year

  6. I live near Hampton VA, so I too have to deal with heat as well as humidity. I could never get a stable environment in which to dry/cure, and that process tied up a grow space for a couple weeks. The Cannatrol solved both problems.

  7. Blueberry, grand daddy purple, grape ape, wedding cake, blueberry muffins and so many more

  8. Did you use recharge or anything with the NLS?

  9. Vanilla milkshake and chili cheese fries

  10. The freebies? I have some I need to get goin!

  11. Soon, soon lol the Arizona summer makes me take a little break, tent temperatures get crazy and it sucks having to try to run the ac to keep it cool enough

  12. I get a lot of questions so I’ve made a few journals in the past if you’d like to read through them. I usually wrote them while blasted so I apologize for anything wrong or doesn’t make sense. If you have questions just ask. I’ll help anyone as much as I can.

  13. Do you pull them out of the seedling bags or are the roots easily able to grow through?

  14. Yeah I pull them out. Just cut it down the side. They sell them in like a 200 pack so it’s of no loss.

  15. I have small hands as well, not an excuse…… just practice and then practice some more. Your fretting hand will start to stretch out. My fretting hand is noticeably longer when I put my hands together

  16. AO’s grape ape that was available at sticky saguaro was some of the best smoke I’ve had in a while

  17. 1-2 times a week nirvana center has them on bogo or 40% off

  18. Thank you brotha and good luck holla if you have any questions

  19. What breeder? Would love to get ahold of some!

  20. Any issues with autos growing into the larger pots from those ones?

  21. And here I am with barley a few hundred grand haha

  22. How’s the mimosa x orange punch? One I have been interested in for a bit now

  23. How much you want? Give me about 5 minutes

  24. Don’t think they had to look hard, prop houses and wardrobe has anything and everything you can think of

  25. I stunted my orange diesel….still upset lol

  26. Front has the bilstein 6112’s set one below max height, rear is stock height.

  27. 265/70R17 wildpeaks, KMC mesa wheels.

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