1. There's a quest during the Far Harbor DLC in FO4 where you do some kinda initiation ritual to join the Children of Atom. It's kinda like a drug trip where "Atom" speaks to you. It might just be caused by high amounts of radiation but radiation doesn't have a similar effect at any other time. Kinda made me question if the Children of Atom are as mad as they seem.

  2. I use Fallen Knight until I get the Faraam set. Both look really good in my opinion.

  3. Journalists will tell you to do boss fights with an army of dodos. Read the wiki instead.

  4. I mean, there’s at least one dude in this sub who has or wants to beat the bosses with dodos, ahem

  5. I'd like to see a cold snowy setting, maybe with some more mountainous terrain. I'm just sick of the flat terrain of the Commonwealth.

  6. There's a theory that Drangleic is in the Deep aka the Abyss because it at one point was swallowed by it. You can see a lake from Cathedral of the Deep which might be the same one the bearer of the curse uses to enter Things Betwixt at the beginning of DS2.

  7. Ark: Survival Evolved x Vinland Saga. This sounds interesting.

  8. I put him in charge of Hangman's Alley which I use as an outpost in survival mode.

  9. I mostly speak with satan in a Play Station party, not on Skype but otherwise pretty accurate.

  10. Water? I was hoping for a Subnautica game set in a dessert.

  11. It's basically the Middle Earth equivalent of a taco.

  12. Pickpocket the fusion core or shoot it in VATS to blow it up.

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