Bro learned from his mistakes

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  1. “I’m clocked out of the system, sorry! Perhaps another server can help you?”

  2. Are you going into St. Maarteen?? If so.... go solo..... red light district, EVERY WHERE!

  3. My friend had $2,000 worth of drum equipment show up at his doorstep. He later contacted the the company and they had already resolved the shipping error with the buyer. They sent my friend a return slip

  4. The Stones neither composed nor performed that song.

  5. What is she paying big bucks toward to show how much she loves you?

  6. First of all why the hell isn’t there a cage? This is basically saying “I bet you can’t put me out”, this kid basically said “BET” and did the obvious

  7. It survived just fine all these decades without a cage.

  8. I don’t like when people do this and will tell them not to

  9. Yes, let’s crack wise and poke fun at people who are resting to get in shape. What a great building of character that would be!

  10. Because all the restaurant managers in this state are just like that guy. Right.

  11. I’m referring to marijuana laws. But either way yes I personally know every single manager in the entire state.

  12. My dad got hit by someone he got the information cops got there, but when it came to the insurance insurance said the guy fled back to Puerto Rico.

  13. Puerto Rico isn’t a foreign country. Insurance company needs to do its job.

  14. Isn't it illegal to say this stuff? Genuine question as I am not American.

  15. It’s hate speech and provocative behavior. I’m not sure why they allowed it.

  16. So you work hard at an exhausting job and he has the nerve to kick you out of bed just because you're not agreeing to his stupid idea?? The awful thing is it sounds like he's done this before.

  17. There’s absolutely nothing stupid about running a food truck. It’s just that that is not what she wants to do. But where would we be without food trucks, especially taco trucks?

  18. I wonder why the starving children he shows are always Black and African? Aren’t there starving white children in America?

  19. The food, service, decor, and location would all have to be aligned for them to get away with all this.

  20. Driver who passed the stuck car did not do anything wrong.

  21. He passed on a blind hill. There was a double yellow line under all that snow.

  22. Be logical ffs. They are passing a STOPPED car. What are they supposed to do ? It's not like they can chose where to pass that car.

  23. I already mentioned my mistake I’m not seeing the stopped car. Hours ago.

  24. You’re supposed to do good deeds quietly and humbly, not have some guy walking behind you shouting footage for internet clout.

  25. Had to be WASHINGTON state. These people are morons.

  26. The plate says WA. WA drivers suck ass. I know where that location is. I live near it.

  27. There are terrible drivers everywhere. The state with the fewest bad drivers also have the lowest population.

  28. The better part of him slid down the crack of his mothers ass and made a stain in the mattress.

  29. (this needs quotation marks and writer’s credit)

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