1. I don't get what's so amazing about Just. Not a big fan tbh

  2. one of the best choruses in their discography and multiple great guitar parts

  3. I’m glad it wasnt released with the rest of it, because some of it doesn’t quite fit with the main album. But on average I actually prefer this to the main album, not a single miss on here and stuntman and sorry not sorry are amazing

  4. People are great everywhere, but Murdoch is only in English speaking countries.

  5. Well it's not really genre defining or a particularly powerful album lyrically, it's not powerful enough to be a classic imo,like,kendrick has a classic in gkmc because it defined the new era of west side rap and has an incredibly innovative concept

  6. it’s probably the most popular and critically acclaimed album since its release, and there’s not really anything that sounds like it. it’s comfortably a future classic imo.

  7. A classic isn't just a perfect and loved album it's an influencial album as well,igor isn't influencial

  8. My favorite of the new songs. Vince sounds great over this beat and the Tyler verses rule, especially the last one. Could see this going crazy live.

  9. the kicks are perfect imo, definitely intentional that they sound kind of muted

  10. Oh I’m sure it was intentional, dude’s too experienced to make a mistake like that, I just don’t like the choice

  11. Yeah, I would have guessed Chile based on the Pollo Asado alone, but that region in Argentina makes more sense. I don't see Pollo Asado being a thing in Spain.

  12. Under the law referenced for sentencing it quite literally does not matter.

  13. I'm not a law expert but why do the ideas of manslaughter or premeditated murder exist then

  14. Because intent is an aggravating factor that would increase it, but that case in particular was the first use of the "one punch" laws in the state. The link actually has the sentencing transcript for some additional context.

  15. Me too, I feel like a heretic but the production on the VB remix on Taco Truck is fucking insane I’ve never heard anything like it

  16. Pls tell me you’re referencing that one stupid review and not being an arsehole 😭

  17. Think the shirtless Tyler could be a placeholder for his next album as he probably hasn't figured out the persona yet or it could just be the real him.

  18. probably cheating, not sure why everyones glossing over the central africa poland mixup. no one confuses those even at silver level.

  19. it looks like a boring holiday home, if he has a masculine personality then I think changing the space to fit his personality makes sense

  20. Oh my fucking god. Are we now past the point where if anybody doesn't like the way they look but people on

  21. It's not quite true though is it? If your options are 1) I can't do all the things I used to be able to do OR 2) death...perhaps lying on your back for years , at least with your mind, is preferable to......nothing!

  22. I'm just afraid of those foods might be stolen if kept in the fridge

  23. Hate it. The way British people say banana irks me so much, that alone makes it an instant skip.

  24. I must be the only Tyler fan who still thinks Wolf is his best. None of his newer stuff has really clicked with me even though I still enjoy it. CMIYGL was my fav out of the newest 3 though.

  25. Denzel reaching those same heights as a Kendrick or an Outkast were each record in his discography is incredible but different from the last one. My favourite artists are those that put all their effort into making an album a cohesive story throughout. Denzel is becoming quite a master at setting a theme/tone for each album. I can go to each Denzel album for a different mood (Taboo = sad/feeling lonely, Zuu = chillin/summer, Melt = meaning/sense of achieving) and for me that makes him one of the best artists going today.

  26. If you read it properly I’m comparing the effort and care put into albums to a Kendrick or Outkast. Which I don’t think is crazy to say. You don’t rate Denzel that way?

  27. you said he’s reaching the same heights which I interpreted as quality, yeah. and I like denzel but for me he’s a solid 7-8/10 album guy

  28. I hate it tbh, I'm so glad venice bitch evolved to what it is now because that original is so bland

  29. Sorry, but no. Ramen (/ˈrɑːmən/) (拉麺) translates to pulled (Ra) noodles (men). Therefore, Ramen noodles = Ramenmen. Correct me if I'm wrong

  30. Pretty sure I’ll get downvoted here but.

  31. I wouldnt downvote you for having this opinion but your reasoning is really dumb

  32. Adele Taylor Beyoncé Rihanna Bruno Drake?! Wtf where are the legends! How did a newbie accomplish that with ONE album?!

  33. The singles were just decent, but Burfict and every song after that is some of the best Danny or Peggy in a long time. That’s coming from someone who enjoyed their last albums too

  34. I think its a 10/10 until the last few songs, it loses its momentum at the end

  35. Thanks for the suggestion I will cross post. It’s working out what’s missing which is the hard part. He does voluntary charity work, is a coach at a local club, has done work experience over the last year. How do you suggest determining what’s “missing” in his application?

  36. maybe it's something in his personal statement that isn't appropriate somehow?

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