"Oversight" of US banks 5 months ago

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  1. I’m not going to say it’s surprising, but it is sad to see Bam continue to spiral as he gets older. He was always an entitled prick, but he brought many years of enjoyment to me as a teenager. Definitely the guy that peaked early on and can’t handle getting older or growing up.

  2. Pretty crazy how enviois I was of Bam when I was younger. He'd party and sleep with hot girls for a living and now he's just a broken guy

  3. Less about sharing, guy 2 is probably the type who gets off on sleeping with a married woman.

  4. You'd think that would be a turn off for the woman but nope!

  5. I still don't understand what people hate it for. Yea jar jar is bad.

  6. This always just means I'm not in a good financial situation.

  7. None. I hate getting tested by people and I wouldn't do it to them

  8. Nothing. I've actually grown to hate weekends since it's just reminding me how much I'm a cog in a capitalist machine

  9. As far as I know there hasn't been any discoveries as to what causes someone's sexual orientation or why specifically homosexuality exists in the context of natural selection.

  10. I mean, he's a scientist. I always get so confused when people get salty about him criticizing movies and games when in reality its just a neat little way for him to share science facts in a way people might care about

  11. Curiosity about me. All the girls I dated rarely asked me questions about what I like or what drives me; i was the one who was curious about them

  12. I'm assuming your young cuz once you get older you'll realize how awful and painful the "what if she said yes" thoughts keep you up at night.

  13. all I can see is a deer, no matter how I look at it. am I supposed to unfocus my eyes, like those 3D things?

  14. It only works if you have shitty eye sight, that's why you can't see it

  15. Leave! You're being used as an emotional crutch. She'll get sad when she's not with her ex, then use you for comfort and then go back to thinking of him while you're developing feelings for her

  16. Yea I’ve noticed we can hang and talk a lot for a week or 2 then she backs off and we might not talk for a couple days etc always thought it was weird

  17. This is a toxic relationship. I just got out of a relationship like this where they would not message me for days only to apologize but then kept doing it. My anxiety skyrocketed. Leave bro

  18. Also the general treatment of the elderly. Notice how the one orderly talked to him in the overly cheerful tone normally reserved for talking to children? I read of one situation where a lady wanted to go to an adult facility a few days a week to have them read scientific journals to her. Her mind was sharp as ever, but her eyes had failed and she couldn't read herself anymore. Her nephew (an attorney) was infantilizing her like that and she let him have it.

  19. Maybe it was a culture thing. I'm latino first generation American and my grandparents are basically children now. They don't even know where Canada is and it ain't dementia

  20. There is no point here. Her supporters aren't going to entertain the thought this was nonsensical

  21. Yeah, just very girly looking though

  22. Why are Democrats so lousy at using shit like this to destroy Republicans?

  23. Because the dems are a progressive party. They like the status quo. They may not be a fascist party like the GOP but they are definitely interested in being lobbied

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