1. I'm three years older than my husband and he teases me about it constantly. But it's NBD in reality.

  2. Do you have any liquid antacid? Mylanta etc I find that works best for instant relief when you're having bad pain and panicking that it may be cardiac related. If it eases the pain then you're good.

  3. "Yeah! Make love to me! Make love to me harder!"

  4. I love this movie. But I love all things ballet lol.

  5. 10 year old me loved this movie. I'm afraid to rewatch it and ruin it for myself.

  6. It's really really bad lol. We just watched recently. King Koopa is something else

  7. It offends my ears, therefore it hurts them.

  8. Text through the day and at least one call a day.

  9. How much breathing do you think your crotch is doing in pants and blankets

  10. More than with tight underwear that lock in heat and moisture but you do you.

  11. I just mean it would be more beneficial probably to go commando during the day with a skirt or dress on for full benefits.

  12. It's offensive for your medical doctor to recommend a medication they think might work for you?

  13. Especially when the cat bites you and then licks the bite.

  14. Against. Bodily autonomy 100%. It is unnecessary as a routine procedure.

  15. It is very possible if you do have math detriments, you may have dyscalculia. Just FYI for anyone this may be useful for. You can Google dyscalculia since apparently the link I provided is unacceptable for this sub

  16. I had mine done under twilight sedation. It was fine.

  17. I use a snug tank top while at home to keep from feeling like too much floppiness going on but sort of keeping stuff in under my normal shirt.

  18. As someone who went snooping to see if I could confirm your story, you're not ugly.

  19. If Bob trys to convince you that you never had a cake in the first place and you're just crazy, that's gaslighting

  20. Or he eats the cake in front of you and then denies he ever did and tells everyone else you really ate it and are blaming him and asks you "don't you remember eating the cake? Wow your anxiety must really be affecting your memory because you totally ate the cake right in front of me, how can you not remember? Are you ok? Maybe you should call your therapist. It's ok. I understand. I don't blame you for accusing me, we can just blame it on your uncontrolled mental illness"

  21. I don't get a fever but I do get chills/myalgia/diarrhea etc. It feels like a flu for about 48 hours. But...104 is kinda high... i don't wanna say go to the ER because it's expensive and usually not worth it, but if you have a good urgent care that won't just send you to the ER I would go there.

  22. I get the hesitation but a high enough fever can kill you. It's literally what the ER is intended for.

  23. I mean if all they're gonna do is place an IV to break the fever..urgent care is definitely the better option. But it does depend on the source of the fever.

  24. I get flu-like symptoms during my period but never a fever.

  25. He sent me a selfie from his hotel room to say "hi" and in the mirror's reflection I saw a black dress hanging from the bathroom door.

  26. The juices from the vegetables add flavor, the vegetables themselves are gross.

  27. It's like they're trying to weed out the ND people

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