My valentine makes my heart beat out of my chest.

  1. City center mall , Columbus , Ohio. Demolished some time ago.


  3. Cool but one random thing he said doesn't disqualify him from anything. Also other major economists like mankiw lately said they think the fed is raising rates too fast too much

  4. He's a moron man, his entire New Trade Theory was just globalism fanfiction.


  6. GPT-4 is going to make most coding an hourly, entry-level job. I'm in fact, betting a lot of money on this.

  7. This could almost pass as a current tattoo of Bam Margera

  8. It is absolutely beyond me how anyone could consider offering AI-generated celebrity voices or voices of any real people and not consider that people might abuse it that way if they just made it open to everyone, or allowed anyone to use it with a small fee.

  9. I messed with Voice.AI recently and thought, "Wow, in a couple of years this will be really amazing." Nope. It took two weeks.

  10. Hey people’s, co-creator of NF here. NF is created using generative algorithms and machine learning techniques for the dialogue, audio, speech, and pretty much everything other than the prefabricated 3D assets.

  11. This was dope I got a laugh when it talked about waking up everyday cause you know, it's infinite.


  13. I love how this firm just uses ai to design their buildings now. ZH Code literally just says " building type in style of Zaha Hadid" and publishes it as concepts.

  14. I hap no idea creators outside the top 1% even made money tbh. Sort of shocked this person is making $100 a month in passive income while in such a low bracket.

  15. Who is Perry E. Metzger and why should I trust his tweets ?

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