1. I would assume it’s for the public safety of pedestrians. Not the property value of the areas they’re in. Property > People is the way of the world I guess.

  2. This is amazing news but let’s see if they do it right!

  3. I grew up in a rural area and there were at least 3 teachers on our 45 minute ride to school. I wouldn’t want to pay $80 a week in gas just to drive to work when there’s a free service to take me there.

  4. I mean anyway to keep people from driving a million miles an hour and killing children just like that lady did recently in her luxury car in California.

  5. This is how I learned, plus YouTube tutorials, and eventually I signed up for lessons with Tom Collins. He’s an amazing teacher

  6. 6 months of lessons can do wonders for any player at any level.

  7. Also who the hell do we have blocking on the FG unit? That is ridiculous, with all that pressure and multiple blocked kicks already I’m sure Tucker would shank that too..

  8. JOK might be the first current browns jersey I’ll buy since Braylon Edwards. Such a beast.

  9. Let’s focus on getting that street car up Vine St. and down to Covington first.

  10. That’s funny I went to Asheville thinking it would be like growing up in SEKY but in the city! Like a Cincinnati in the mountains. Boy was I wrong…

  11. Crazy how awesome things can look if companies didn’t put big ass logos on everything. Dieter Rams was right!!

  12. Yeah these folks love driving their silly little cars to their silly little suburban cookie cutter developments.

  13. It’s also a city that continues to build new roads and highways. Considering it’s multiple forms of failed public transit (a subway system that failed, and a half baked street car that goes the distance of a 30 minute walk) This city is built for the suburbs.

  14. Is it me, or have suction animations gotten worse since the patches? I'm assuming that's what happened here because it's been happening to me a lot lately. In the running game it's extremely frustrating when you see a gap, hit it perfectly, but some mid level DT will instantly disengage from their block and grab you. Why even have an ability like reach elite if every inside lineman basically can shed with ease. Happens on the edge too though. TE gets a nice block on the edge, I venture too close to the black hole of tackling, edge insta-shed and grabs me with nothing but green grass ahead. Not to mention it doesn't look natural, it's some janky suction animation.

  15. Yes all the time. Arm tackles do not exist in this game.

  16. Life in prison and all her money donated to making her area more walkable and safe.

  17. Don't know if you said that in jest but that's a great idea

  18. Or we could invest in rebuilding older properties without cutting corners instead of building more infrastructure. Fix the problems we have instead of creating future ones.

  19. Stop being so humble and fucking blame Joe Woods. Show some passion and energy. These are professional football players not middle schoolers.

  20. Everyone is saying ‘no shit’ but I think it just further emphasizes that people don’t necessarily root for a team that’s geographically close to them; ie bandwagon fans. But whenever you accuse someone of being a bandwagon fan, they claim they aren’t one.

  21. All the time! But no one come at me saying I’m a bandwagon fan. Who would choose to suffer watching the Browns without some personal or geographic connection? I blame Tim Couch, growing up in KY we followed him from success at UK all the way through his demise in Cleveland and now we’re stuck.

  22. Don’t attempt franchise until the next update. They probably won’t fix it but better to wait I think.

  23. What’s wrong with it currently I started the download last night and haven’t played it yet.

  24. It will randomly freeze and corrupt the file

  25. Just took a scroll through your Spotify playlist and I can definitely appreciate the amount of effort you’ve put into organizing all this music! Going to take note from your playbook on organization. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Thanks! I had no idea they resold for that much!

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