1. Hi, is Compound Eyes ability still work to find hold item?

  2. I kinda liked Ryme, I'm not entirely sure why. I'm not one that's typically for rapping, especially in anime because it's kinda cheesy and lame, but her character had more to it than just being a rapper. 🤔

  3. Lmao the movie about traitors who sold our people into slavery is a top 10 best film? Jesus christ my people are brainwashed by liberal propaganda. The fact this movie was written by 2 white women writers as some kind of feminist piece when it really is celebrating the betrayal of our ancestors into slavery is sickening. Shame on the execs that greenlit this and shame on Sista Viola for agreeing to this. Big ups to Lupita for dropping out of this trash.

  4. It is interesting the only argument about slave traders only happen on Reddit. Hm...

  5. For me, Sp Atk is Goldduck on North Province Area one near Watchtower

  6. I think they both trained at the same acting school in London as well.

  7. I’ve been using gardevoir pretty successfully - gets a bit of setup with calm mind and sustainability with draining kiss. Then you’ve got psychic and slot for whatever you want

  8. Ok, what is the Ability, Nature, Hold item, and EV spread? Sorry if I ask an extra question..

  9. Interested to see how many dislikes this one gets.

  10. At least you can challenge Hassel and Geeta in Ace Tournament.

  11. that might be what it implies, but there’s an actual definition of an exploit.. “making full use of deriving a benefit from,” lol.

  12. I agree, I got Perrserker, Iron Hands, and Azumarill. Sure they are really good on most raids but those can get pretty boring pretty fast, that is why I spiced things up with other mons like other paradox. Iron Moth and Flutter mane can be quite effective.

  13. The amount of hate for fat people is stunning. Like holy shit. People are BOTHERED by it, it’s disgusting to see.

  14. Hi, any suggestions for Great Tusk build for Raid? For now, mine has Adamant with maxed EV for HP and Attack

  15. Hi, where is the best place to ev train for Attack, Special Attack, and Speed? I can visit all of the area.

  16. Cate Blanchett and Michelle Yeoh should be epic. I think Variety will post an article about the upcoming season Actors on Actors, soon

  17. I'm glad she's knowledgeable enough to never hire Cara Delvigne for anything because she sucks, even if she's very pretty.

  18. You'll be surprised that Sharon Carter is the role that many actresses auditioned for the MCU, some of them ended up portraying more important character.

  19. This is a very different movie than enchanted. People coming into this one expecting more of the same from the first one will be disappointed.

  20. I just watched the movie, I think it was not as magical as Enchanted but I was smiling throughout the movie, there were some memorable musical numbers, like James Marsden/Idina Menzel and the duet between Amy Adams/Maya Rudolph, especially the later one, it was a good Disney Villain song and I understand why some people considered it classic.

  21. Ah, I see, his unprofessional behaviors were more prevalent since early 2010's.

  22. wasn’t he in 27 dresses with katherine heigl

  23. If you read the article, that is the one romcom where he was the lead.

  24. I really wonder how much better it would have been with the original mad bomb/pandemic plot. I get why they felt the need to do reshoots/rewrites when COVID hit, but you can also see how the story suffered for it.

  25. Yeah IMO, Falcon and the Winter soldier has good ingredients but ended up undercooked.

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