2. I do front end dev and hope to some day but I worked with a guy who did it for 3 years this was before skylink but he seemed to get along fine. On code sprints he would just be heads down non connected then dump everything when connect to git. Check in do meetings etc. he seemed to handle it quite well and what made me think once my kids are out of the house I could do the same.

  3. They haven't updated construction techniques and patterning based on emerging understanding of what makes DCF last (see extensive discussion from Durston), so their shelters degrade prematurely. They design pyramids with patterns that require a ridiculous amount of guylines. The duplex sits way high off the ground so you aren't protected from cross breeze. They do this to prevent condensation at the cost of storm worthiness, instead of designing functional vents.

  4. I love em. Had a lot of tents and a lot of designed tents. Each their own, for me I’m not living in it so I setup and sleep that is all. I don’t cook most times so don’t need a vestibule really but for my shoes. All the other gear goes in with me, plenty of room in the plex solo. Sounds like you might be more knowledgeable than me awesome, this is all personal experience and preferences in which I speak. Have fun out there!

  5. I have a plex solo if you have questions on that. I personally love it. Had a lot of tents and this one ruled them all. I did not have an aeon li but had a pro trail li. I’m also 5’10’’

  6. I was recently looking at pro trail li vs plex solo. The extra space in the pro trail is appealing. What makes you prefer the plex solo?

  7. You'd think right? Once those side panels start sagging, tension is very difficult at times and trying to find a spot say in rocks or tree is also super difficult due to the lack of length in the lines, you lose a lot of space. It's way too finicky for me. Also, while I don't mind front entry so much I got sick of it. There is usually enough space to crawl in and turn around but it's just a pain vs not having to do it. The space in the Plex Solo is about the same believe it or not. The area next to you could fit a small kid/dog/lot gear/etc... If you're buying new I'd suggest taking a hard look at the Plex Solo over the Pro Trail Li. I do love TT designs, CS and quality is way way way better than zpacks but the zpacks is just a better tent, and way lighter.

  8. Thought about Delaware water for 100+ miles or zero to 110ish, whatcha think?

  9. Shuttles should be easy to find. I was going to do the same and found at least 3-4 people but ended up going more south.

  10. Very little of the AT you will need permits for.

  11. I recently bought four pairs of NB 890v6 at $40 a pop. Felt like such a boss. I'm stocked on shoes for the next year and a half!

  12. Nice! I do lone peaks so every fall I’m snagging multiple $100 pairs from REI.

  13. I just saw last year’s Lone Peaks on sale on Amazon for <$100 and stocked up

  14. I like to snag them from REI in case I don’t end up using a pair before the next sale, ie new model, then will return them for what I paid. Never done it yet but who knows. Ha.

  15. Did no one say alpha? I use mine actively and for sleeping.

  16. Grayson, roan , SNP, Smokey’s, zero to xx, and triple crown. All good hikes.

  17. Weedmaps sucks. I do that search, and my first twenty results are all cloud cover 🤣

  18. Ya it takes a bit with the filters and the right keywords but it’s doable to use to find good stuff at reasonable prices. The ui is just horrible and the ux sucks.

  19. For me it was 50 .. but because you can get by without exercising when you're younger. I walked a fair way as part of my commute and swam occasionally but nothing else.

  20. Same. Maxed out at 230 on my scale and said to myself I gotta do something. 170ish now.

  21. 50 is the new 40 and that’s when I started.

  22. Lowe’s and just get some para cord for now and just order some along the trail to pick up. They have it by the foot in my town.

  23. I mean there's a lot of packs that are either all black or brown, like the military have. Its nice they're offering so many colour options which are not mimicing the army

  24. Oh got ya. A lot of the cottage guys offer colors typically. If they don’t have it they can print on it too, LiteAF I believe does that as well.

  25. 16.8oz might as well four GG thin lites, be lighter, roll em together and separate if needed

  26. Ugh cant thermarest just make XL size of zlite sol? That would be awesome to match with xlite nxt max l

  27. They just want you to buy a large xtherm is all.

  28. I was wondering about it. Worth it? Looks like popcorn?

  29. Been seeing lg deli more n more. Been good, had that same strain from proper leaf Memphis and it was a great. Tiny bit dry but still had great flavor and a smooth smoke. But that was 45 for a 1/4.

  30. I like the smoke on their buds but they are always so tiny. I dig the deli style and last time around I got a bunch of $5/g for the heck of it. Some good and some bad but didn’t have to spend a ton to find out.

  31. I've shuttled hours with drivers, some will do long distances you just need to find one.

  32. That’s great! Should I use the list of shuttles on the megathread to find such a driver, or do you recommend somewhere else?

  33. Start calling drivers from the white blaze at shuttle list and you could also Uber. Cost not sure I've paid zero and I've paid $200. It's all up to the driver. I would guess it would be at least $150-200.

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