1. 2027 is my year and been planning, actively, for 5-6 years now. Been wanting to do it since the 90s. Some plan it all and some just decide to do it that week, all up to that person really.

  2. Not for nothing but I've done a few PA section hikes and every time I leave i wish I'd just driven a bit further south to better sections. With 5 days you should be able to finish a section like Roan or Grayson with no issues even if out of shape.

  3. I passed on the white 99 for the Georgia Pie. How’s the bud look on that one?

  4. I got some grown rouge from high profile in Ann Arbor recently that was great mids.

  5. Same exact experience but I use the 58% bovedas and standard 8oz Ball Mason jars

  6. I was wondering about the 58s but harder to find. I’ve noticed that when the 62s are running well it’s a bit harder to light the flower and if I put it in another container hand shredded for a day or 2 it’s perfect.

  7. Not that big of an investment really I think I paid $30 for case of half pint jars, half oz fits perfectly with a boveda, and the bovedas are $15. The flower that goes in can be dry from the dispos but give it a week in the and it’s good coming out. I did try some of the knock off ones and they all suck so I just use only bovedas now. The packets last a long time too before needed replacing. Some don’t work all the time either so if the flower is still a bit on the dry side I’ll toss in another.

  8. U do realize the MIchigan’s program is in shambles? The caregivers have been “Wal-Mart’d” out of the dispos. The last thing we need is “everything should be just like Michigan”. What should happen is that we learn from the mistakes of early Rec states like Cali, OR, & MI. Unfortunately, that is just not how our system works, but seriously, the LAST thing we need is to be “just like MI”

  9. It’s funny but I think the a ton people that use the dispos a lot are out of state. Just what I’ve learned over the years there is a ton of guys growing and selling all over the state and not super hard to find one. Last I saw the numbers where in the 500k maybe? All I remember was thinking that’s a ton of people growing.

  10. I can get it into all my LiteAF packs just fine, not sure if that helps but it packs small... you can always fold it shorter in length and just make it fatter in terms of the roll as well to fit any size really. One of the downsides on my Plexamid was that plastic piece to fold around.

  11. What api are you pulling from? I’ve found most of those to be a paid service.

  12. I’d go with the EE torrid. IMO it’s great looking and Slim-fitting, at large. The one trade-off for the slim fit, for me, is it’s a little snug in the rear of the armpits if I cross my arms, but otherwise performs awesome. I bought both the z packs puffy and the torrid at the same time to compare in 20° temp. I found the torrid superior all the way around. Just FYI.

  13. I love the torrids but slim fitting? It’s more of a boxy fit imo

  14. Sir winky, what up! I’m probably a size low with the snug fit in the lat area, but not boxy in the least on me?

  15. Ah I wondered if I could go a size down ok and sounds like prob not. I’m now a slim fit and while I loved the cut when I had some weight it’s a bit too loose for me now.

  16. Circling back to see if you ever sold this? Got too busy to put mine up but wondering how the market is? Thanks!

  17. Just looking right now but a nice buy for someone.

  18. Man I been sucking 🤣 it won’t work

  19. Let it heat up for a bit or if you have a preheat setting let that run for a few cycles. If you have a cheapo draw activated battery get a youcan instead.

  20. Seems like going to Michigan plays a role in our own program's prices. Like not enough people are speaking with their money in Ohio so the people with no other option are paying insane prices for "premium" brands.

  21. I would imagine the owners here know that people are going to MI and that is effecting their sales. Either they don't care since they are pulling in what they need or they will start to drop pricing, which is looking a bit like they are. Either way once PA gets rec and NY is setup I would imagine more money will be leaving us if the prices are right.

  22. i mean i tried bargain hunting in ohio for a little over a year before finally going up to michigan. it’s not worth the time, energy, or money and going to michigan made me feel dumb as fuck for ever entertaining our bs medical program which just makes money off of sick people

  23. $10 a cart, usually for the cheapo carts you can get 14/$100. I've seen deals for 16/$100 before, they are giving them away almost.

  24. Rei quarter dome would be perfect and right now on sale.

  25. Herbvana. Maybe it was $17. What did you pay?

  26. That would be the Live Resin carts. OP was talking about the new Rosin carts. You should try them if you can find them, the Cherry Lime Runtz was really good.

  27. Ah got ya hm I’ll double check mine since I asked for rosin. The budtender there didn’t know much about anything.

  28. Live Rosin gummies are great but you should try the RSO gummies by Cannalicious Labs

  29. Thanks I did get some rso for a buddy one time that he liked I wasn’t aware they made gummies too.

  30. They are fairly newer on the market but are a great edible for those not getting the high they are looking for

  31. She hasn’t done anything since college do you think they might have too much pop for her just starting out? Me I didn’t expect it to hit me much.

  32. To me as a European it is always so weird to see the level of partisanship. Like stopping watching a guy who provides FREE quality content because he has a different political opinion. Best part is you most likely don't like JB either but he's "on the team". It seems weird and cultish but you do you I guess...

  33. Ah I don’t care if he’s a republican but I don’t care for the conspiracy and let’s go Brandon and destroy democracy types. I know a few decent republicans that are middle of the road like I am as a democrat. The extremes are not good on both sides.

  34. Lots of assumptions there. But I agree about the extremes being bad. What constitutes extreme? To me it's blocking out anyone of differing political opinion especially if they're irrelevant to the content. And then proudly proclaiming it publicly to signal some virtue and alert others to said persons wrongthink. Food for thoughts.

  35. Come over to the US and find out what all this is about and you’ll gain a better understanding. Destroying democracy to make money and gain power is just unacceptable to me. You can try to bait me into silly arguments but you truly don’t know until you talk or interact with the Trumpers. We just had another mass shooting this holiday weekend that is extreme.

  36. Is this the same brand from MI? I’ve gotten a few of their but it’s just ok flower if so. Super cheap I think I paid $35 for a half oz each of a couple stains.

  37. Definitely will get what you pay for

  38. I recently got some Arbor wellness golden goat and while it doesn’t look amazing and dry (used a bovida now) the effects are great.

  39. Save money on bovitas and just get a Raw Hydro stone, works wonders on dry buds

  40. I have those as well but one half I did it to developed mold. Totally my fault. If it doesn’t come back in a week I’ll toss it in as a Hail Mary.

  41. Can we just make it REC…? Let’s get on Michigans level

  42. That took them 5-6 years to work out to how it is now and with Democrats in power. I wouldn’t expect anything within 10 years or more like MI with Republicans in office. Shit we might be even be going backwards.

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