1. No I haven’t submitted it and I will. The suggested location would be in the + section at the bottom and I don’t think it would be bloat at all. Maybe at some point a poll of what features customers actually use regularly would be a good idea. For myself, I never use AI describe or Quick Add. If I could delete/hide those from that menu or replace them with a feature more relevant to my needs that would be awesome. I’m happy with the rest of the app. I love the “copy day” feature since I eat a lot of the same things each day. Thanks for replying and keep up the great work!

  2. Agreed, I would love this feature and literally never use AI descrive

  3. Their quality and freshness of food has been questionable for a long time and their portion sizes have been getting very small. I canceled my subscription after a fruitbox had a bag of rotten grapes and three apples in it. There's never enough veggies in it and it's mostly lettuce and carrots. They used to be good, but over the past year the quality has gone very downhill.

  4. I just worked up to my first one! I started with wall pushups, then incline pushups, then on the knees. But what was most important was that for several weeks I did it twice a day, every day, in whichever format I could do until "failure". I saw huge progress by just doing it every day. In a matter of weeks I can now do a real pushup! I also do chest press and bench 3x a week and back exercises twice a week. Stick with it and you will be able to do it!

  5. Yeah, it took me coming to the comment section to realise they weren't talking about social work 🤝

  6. I didn't understand why they were so upset about someone doing social work

  7. I have a boy eckie and we keep his hormones in check by ensuring he has healthy foods and has a good sleep rhythm. Don't give an eclectus pellets, give him lots of fresh veggies and fruits, a tiny bit of sprouted seeds and a few nuts. Make sure he follows the natural rhythm of the sun for sleep, I e. Sun comes up he wakes up and sun goes down he goes to bed. Don't cover his cage to change his sleeping pattern. Make sure he gets lots of natural light, if you can take him outside in an aviary or small cage or with a harness every now and then that really helps. And of course keep him occupied with play and toys. Our boy is 6,5 and we've had no major hormonal episodes and no plucking thanks to this. Good luck, your boy is adorable!

  8. I just got him 3 days ago from a breeder he's 9 months old and super friendly I kinda have to put him in the cage and cover the cage with the blanket at night so he can go to sleep but he just climbs the cage from the inside and constantly call me.

  9. Oh gosh he's still new to you, give him some time, he's probably really overwhelmed and feels safe with you. He'll get better once he gets used to his new environment. I find it helps when my bird calls for me I'll just talk to him in a calm and quiet voice, something like "yep I can hear you, I'm right here, you're ok" and that seems to help.

  10. I've been seeing the same problem in my hobby group, so I think it's a combination of people being more mindful that coming into work sick gets everyone else sick and the cultural shift towards recognizing that sick time is available (states passing mandatory sick time laws, low unemployment giving more worker power, etc.)

  11. Yup these reasons but also I notice that more people are just really sick more often. Myself included, I've had more things going on than before. I'm the same as OP, I don't think my employees are making things up, but they do tend to get sick more often lately. I agree it's likely just our new normal, unfortunately. OP, I don't think asking your staff to "push through if you're only a little bit sick" is going to go down well. I can see that go sideways in many more ways than one. One thing I'm planning on doing is having a 2day event focused on our own health and wellbeing, with guest speakers and activities and hands on learning. I'm not doing this in the "hope to increase productivity" but more because I feel there's a genuine need for all of us to start taking our own health a little more seriously. Not sure what the outcome of that will be.

  12. Jim likes feet. What a surprise. What is it with cockatiels and feet? His mate also loves feet. What is with tiels and feet? They're so weird. Grey Ghost has always loved them, so get ready for a life of foot loving!

  13. Haha I have a friend who has two cockatiels who both also really love feet. It must be in their genetics!

  14. Oh that makes it even more surprising tbh as he’s clearly intersection hopping as I saw him at Manukau at 12pm.

  15. Or so that if he decides you're worth robbing he's already masked up and doesn't need to lose time. Or because he's concerned about covid.

  16. Same here. Wtf is boss' day? You guys are getting a day?

  17. whereabouts can I read more on this Fergus Crawley approach to eating?

  18. YouTube, his channel is just called Fergus Crawley. He has lots of videos explaining his way of eating and training

  19. Did I miss some world event again? Why are we having shortages again?

  20. Not a world event but wasn't there the whole issue in the Kawerau paper mill earlier this month, that's where a lot of our toilet paper comes from I think. I may be completely wrong as well

  21. There's no bats in birds of the year either, that didn't stop anyone

  22. i mean there might be a bird in fauna of the year next year if that bird isn't in bird of the year next year

  23. Male ekkies also tend to be chill. One person I know has described their female ekkie as a firecracker and their male as a mobile houseplant. Have female; can confirm.

  24. My mobile houseplant is very noisy! He loves the sound of his own voice. But yeah he's pretty chill and loves just hanging out and singing and chatting. So yeah like a noisy bitey houseplant :-)

  25. K so here’s an update almost all vets were closed so we had to go to one that wasn’t focused on birds they inspected him for an hour or so then Did the physical and then clipped his wings one thing I noticed was that they pet the bird wrong they pet him on the back like you would pet a dog idk what I should do should I wait for other bird specialized vets to open back up and have them inspect him

  26. Vet sounds pretty useless. I'd be furious if they clipped my bird's wings. Your bird sounds like he has a concussion. My parrot had one about a year ago, he lost consciousness after hitting the wall, was tired and lethargic hours after but recovered the day after. If your bird is still lethargic more than a day after I'd definitely see if there's another vet around who knows something about birds.

  27. Yeah I don't think I'll be able to making a living by having my parrot record his soothing relaxing melodies. But men would he have fun doing it

  28. Learning opportunities shouldn't be equal to all while the language is endangered and teacher resources are limited.

  29. This right here is why we are not making progress and why we never will. We look down on others when they don't pronounce a word correctly and at the same time we don't want them to enroll in a class or take away attention from the teacher. How about everyone learns the language and we all support each other to get better.

  30. Also child free and I can relate to your feelings, especially the guilt and feeling like you're less of an adult. However, no one ever tells me I'm worth less, I think those feelings and thoughts actually come from me. I'm harder on myself than anyone else ever is. Potentially the same for you? Could help to explore where these thoughts could potentially come from and why you're being so hard on yourself? (When you find out, let me know, lol)

  31. Spot on, my probably cousin-in-perfectionism:)) Thank you, you helped me so much to feel that I'm not alone and weird in feeling this way, the less-adult... (because of course it's a "failure" to feel that way). But... I've been recently asking, to whom I'm trying to prove something, and what are the individual nitty-gritty facets of what I'm trying to prove. So maybe this might be helpful? And this discussion made me realize that my "less adult" feelings stem from knowing that I wouldn't be a good mother. I just wouldn't be able to juggle motherhood, work, household, partner, my mental health.. I wouldn't know what to do when a baby's colicky... And the shame that I wouldn't be good at it is stronger than the fact I don't want to or don't need to be. But - I'm bad with numbers, and I'm not beating myself up that I'd be a terrible accountant, I've just found a job where I don't need to deal with numbers much. Why should motherhood be different if I don't need to be that This is an aspect that's helped me feel much maybe you can find something in it for yourself...? Good luck, these feelings suck... But you're inspirational and you've helped a stranger across the world so much!!

  32. Oh my god are you me? Reading this just hit so close to home. I too have struggled with mental health, and I've got a pretty good balance and rhythm now and I just dont think I'm willing to give it up to have kids. I guess that doesn't make me a bad person, probably just more a realist. I like being able to go to the gym when I please or go for dinner or get a massage and I don't want to have to juggle things. Awesome to hear my comment helped you, your comment also helped me, how nice, good vibes all around lol

  33. I agree like how can you have a bird of this size and not know common behaviours

  34. Might be very very new to having a bird? I remember when I had my bird the first days and I googled "do birds sneeze" and "why bird sit on one leg".

  35. Americans do not use it. I don't know about Canadians, New Zealanders, or South Africans, but I would suspect no, yes, and no respectively.

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