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  1. Ugh only a peasant would consider that a dinghy, if it doesn't have a full service bar and movie theatre it's really just a kayak.

  2. If my Kayak only had one bar I'd just call it a lifevest.

  3. You say like kamboja was invading Ukraine. Russia is the country with the largest nuclear arsenal on earth. It could nuke Europe and the US simultaneously and spare some nukes.

  4. ...which can't be used without Russia becoming a huge radioactive hole in the ground. They should not be able to bully their neighbours by holding up that they might try to end the species (especially as it is very likely their nuclear arsenal is in the same state as the rest of its military and would get a dozen actual launches, and one successful nuclear detonation in completely the wrong place). North Korea threatens to Nuke Japan every time Kim Jong Un's favourite anime is cancelled, we don't feel the need to let them get away with anything other than existing.

  5. When nuclear gets involved, one needs to be careful and responsible. This reddit propaganda has made people lost their senses. They now believe Russia barely has a military and is losing this war when they could finish it in a day if it wasn't the civilian casualties implications.

  6. I just feel like letting Putin wave his nuclear force as a deterrent against enforcing international law in a third, sovereign nation is worse than calling his bluff. That sort of behaviour cannot be rewarded, given how astronomically unlikely is that Putin would be stupid enough to follow through.

  7. False dichotomy: we are neither completely free from influences, nor totally controlled by them. One can exercise free will like a muscle; using skepticism, epistemology and self examination to gain greater and greater ownership of one's own mind. To be satisfied that you know the full truth, or are free from influence, is to give up on maintaining this and to inevitably lose ground. It is an ongoing process to be "more free", not a binary "free/unfree".

  8. LP was pretty clear that the A10 can do its job, which is ground attack. It can carry all normal missiles, and the gun (while not good for CAS) will shred everything less solid than a high end AFV. The A10 just gets overhyped by people who don't get what its limitations are.

  9. I feel like if there was ever a time to enjoy spitting in Putin's eye, now would be it. He can rant and threaten, but unless Russia gets counterinvaded (provoking genuine risk of nuclear escalation) all his threats to other nations are non-credible given the pathetic state of his military.

  10. Which was actually completely coherent and entirely correct.

  11. I believe they are saying that a more considered response would have been tactically better in the whole CRT debate. The progressive left is often terrible at debating because many of its adherents refuse to talk on the level of those they try to convince and are both preachy and unfocused in their responses; failing to pin down the truths involved and focusing on ideological moralising. The reactionary right-wing frequently makes points in outright bad faith, but they can get away with that because they rely on appealing to the gut and don't get challenged with the logical rigour needed to make a point stick in the mind of the average voter.

  12. No, he's made this argument before. He just wanted Democrats to simply agree and pass all those anti-CRT bills on the idea that since it isn't taught in schools it wouldn't actually matter.

  13. At no point do they argue for rolling over and not fighting the bill!

  14. I guess I'm a bit fuzzy on the concepts here, but how can something be decriminalized if it still carries a penalty? Does "decriminalized" just mean that prison is off the table?

  15. Kind of, yeah. Most legal systems have more than one category of "naughty thing you get punished for", with one carrying both lesser maximum punishment (many may not incur more than a fine, and a limited one at that) and fewer long term consequences than "criminal law". "Torts" are legal wrongs where it's on an injured party to take issue and make a claim rather than being automatically taken up by the state. I am no expert on Russian tort law (or any law), but they do make the distinction. Think of misdemeanor vs felony and you have something of the idea, but the whole mess is kind of complicated.

  16. I mean, Germany is kinda considered the EU's leader.

  17. I'll point out, every single society, on every continent and in every century, has had a mixed economy, so in some sense there is no need for any of us to be too strict with labeling ourselves. Fernand Braudel brings this out repeatedly in his books:

  18. I really like this reply; there is no "set-and-forget" with governments, societies or economies, and our only hope is to make the best we can in our time, which requires a level of open-mindedness and pragmatism.

  19. Nah, that's a third thing; equally important of course.

  20. Well.. bare knuckle brawling doesn't have too much of a timespan.

  21. Actually a lot longer than gloves-on fighting, which emphasises big knockouts. Punches to the head without padding are very risky moves, because the human skull can absolutely break the bones in your hand. With gloves on, you're free to wail on the other fighter with no fear for your fingers, and give them serious brain damage very quickly.

  22. Call me sometime, I may have a job for you.

  23. It's not a spoiler to say a spaceship is in space. As to the rest, do you know what a red herring is?

  24. If "no stars remaining" is the reveal that you need to get the full effect of, then you did kinda drop a spoiler. If there's further reveals or late revealed context; understandable, have a nice day.

  25. I do, but it hardly changes my above response. When/if I watch Pandorum I shall know for sure. Naturally I will not be looking it up beforehand.

  26. I'd say that's more of a "this universe just went overbudget and so it's being cut" instance- the definition of jobbing?

  27. Man I’m fine with buying stuff from them as long as I don’t buy racist shit

  28. I'd rather not do business with people who do business with racists- I don't mean people should be interrogated wherever they go, but if I went to a bar where some of the patrons openly wore nazi gear I'd never go back- the site did remove the things I brought to the site's attention, so I bought from them.

  29. He usually does very well at first; he can attract partners and investors, make a compelling pitch and think outside the box to access an overlooked opportunity: he just tends to fail at some very crucial stage due to either taking his eye off the ball or the accumulated shortcuts he has been taking catching up with him.

  30. "the system of exploitation" implies capitalism is the only one, which is demonstrably false. Marx doesn't get to dominate our economic future from his grave.

  31. Even 1Mw lasers struggle to do anything more scary than a high-end bb gun can; maybe if you play around with wavelength you could have different effects. I think masers would be more effective against flesh, but would still be very easy to armour against- a simple sheet of galvanised steel would take minutes to penetrate, all the while reflecting instantly-blinding rays in all directions.

  32. Dude is everything you want in a youtube engineer!

  33. Some of which involve actually supplying a service rather than scalping.

  34. ?? You do realize that the properties that landlords own are 1) on a mortgage 90% of the time, and 2) even if they aren’t, are subject to yearly property taxes? What lack of service are you talking about here, precisely?

  35. Whatever those costs are, mortgage, maintenance, taxes; the landlord must charge more than that to make a profit. I, and any other renter, pays the costs you describe plus whatever profit the landlord desires. If the landlord has been responsible for paying for or building that dwelling, they have provided a service: otherwise the only difference between them and those who scalp pS5s or concert tickets is that what they scalp is a basic human need.

  36. Nah, we invaded them first then you guys came with a real army and took over.

  37. I mean, the Brits took nearly all the Dutch had eventually, but that was a pretty small proportion of British dominion.

  38. My policy is that my friends get the truth from me, whereas people I barely know get the cuddly version of what I think. If I tell my friend that they did something well, they know I mean it because I don't give false compliments, and when I tell them they are in the right morally they can trust it better because they know I will tell them when they do wrong.

  39. Nobody mentioned radical leftist takeover until you did. If you haven't been paying attention the latest expansions of government authority carries bipartisan support, and any dissent will be met with force.

  40. I mention radical leftists because that is where this all started, with a a meme about straw leftists. Everything flowed from there.

  41. See, they got you to support the contnued centralisation of power, they just had to justify it with a cause you agreed with

  42. Feel like I'm missing something. Who's the fuckhead??

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