What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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The American public no longer believes the Supreme Court is impartial

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  1. I’ll be honest if money is the only language they understand and if we’re playing into capitalism, then the solution has to be money oriented.

  2. Do what Japan did. Most people think firearms are banned in Japan. Not 100%. The permitting process, courses and fees make it very off putting to own a fire arm.

  3. They posted this in another sub and comments mentioned it potentially being byrillium alloy, I’d hold off on melting down mystery metals

  4. It could be. Though i would think aluminum bronze, brass, or some sort of copper alloy, before beryllium alloy. I know beryllium is a very nasty metal. The only real way to tell would be to send a sample out for testing. Or just keep it as a curio.

  5. If it is any consolation i have been playing religiously since D3 launched. I have no idea how many goblin runs in that time. Only ground it out for a few years going for Cosmic wings. But in that whole time playing between 2-10 Hrs/day. Have never had them drop. Even once. I gave up on them years ago dropping. I do have most of the others though.

  6. Looks like a section of the spine, from the size im guessing from a deer carcass.

  7. That is a very very long time to keep anything frozen. Personally id throw it on the bait pile coyotes love poultry😎

  8. It is a form of muscular steatosis from a deep tissue injury. So instead of forming a callous or scar tissue, if the animal is pumped full of grain or corn. And doesn’t get enough exercise/movement(isolation pen). Instead of forming normal scar tissue, and muscle. The damaged muscle tissue is replaced with fat.

  9. Every post I have seen that says it is dangerous has not had any credible information backing it up. That includes the post that is pinned:

  10. When it comes to things like this OP, i would just coat it with refractory. At least it is piece of mind, and will lend more durability to your forge lining. At worst you do nothing and possibly expose your self to kaowool fibers if you ding the blanket with something hard. We only get one set of lungs. Doesn’t hurt to err on the side of caution.

  11. For the record, I'm not advocating anyone not line their forge wool. Not coating your wool is definitely a bad idea. It will last longer and be more effective with a good refractory coating. And yeah, some particles of the insulation will go airborne if you don't coat it, and breathing in anything besides good clean air is not good for you. All particulates are bad for your lungs and should be avoided. Some are just worse than others.

  12. I wasn’t saying you were. And just realized i replied to you not OP. Im just a big safety nut and always err on the side of caution.

  13. You’re absolutely right. I had a client for many years who had a degree in architecture but instead went to Wall Street for work. Did that for years and felt Wall Street ethically no longer aligned with him so he left, and one of his clients said utilities is a good business to get into. He wanted to use his degree in architecture because he enjoyed design and building, so he discovered power station protection was an untapped market, specially to protect against animals. So he started building humane fences to keep animals out of substations and from getting killed

  14. The real kicker to the whole thing is we no longer manufacture most components for substations in this country. And most utilities are not keeping an inventory incase of failure. 3-4 days with out a power grid in this country would destroy this country. Period. It would also transport us back to the 1880’s. In a second.

  15. Most people only 3-4 days of food and pantry items at home. Without power within 24-48 hours without back up generators. Most cold storage will be DOA. So it puts a modern first world country back about 130 or so years. If we lost the whole grid and lost a sig. amount of substations. Dark but reality.

  16. I feel my response to my daughters saying they had a girlfriend would be the same as if they had a boyfriend. "Absolutely no way. Not under my roof!"

  17. I think some of the stigma is a generational thing. When i was a kid growing up in the early 80’s. To say there was a stigma as it is today is an understatement. I grew up with a couple kids in school that were LGTBQ? We all new as kids they were different, but it didn’t matter we were like in 1-4th grade. That stigma is taught just like racism.

  18. My best friend’s mom replied: Thank you for finally telling me, so I don’t have to pretend not to know anymore. I love you. Now finish your homework

  19. My friends grandmother said the same to him.

  20. I had a Henckels parring break on me in the same fashion years ago. Sent it back. Turned out to be a flaw in the heat treat. They sent me a replacement. Hardest part was sending it thru the mail at the time as it was just after the Sept. 11th attacks.

  21. Metallica several years ago at times union in Albany $350/pair for nosebleeds. Still great a show. Looked in to seeing “Fluffy” preform at the same venue. Tickets started at $300ea.

  22. Nothing makes an 8 am class worse like a skunk induced headache

  23. Its funny you say that. 24 years ago in culinary school we had the first day of bakeshop, class started 2am. First day of class had a 40min intro lecture. So we get done with PM Line shut down that kitchen, go home crack a beer, change uniforms and head back to class for 1am. As we are about to leave. My buddy “Juice” walks in announcing “beers and bong hits for Baked-shop”. It was a interesting day. Between coming off a 12 hour stint on a hot line to a nice quiet bakery somewhat conscious… became morning of the zombie bakers. Our instructor kept cracking one liners at us. But the next day we all got an ear-full by Chef Mark(don’t remember his last name). Second day started with bakeshop safety…

  24. 2,5 years without cigarettes, i still want a fucking cigarette every moment im nervous or stressed or anything... its so hard... but its for my daugter, so i guess i will never smoke cigarettes again...

  25. I smoked Marlboro lights back in the late 1990s. When Camel Turkish Golds first dropped I switched. Those were sooo tasty. Back then they did crazy shit like buy 1 get 1 free on new smokes.

  26. They did that with Newports for a while. Buy 3 get two packs $10.

  27. Back when I smoked, Camels were my brand. They had a little camel printed on the paper near the filter. A friend was watching me smoke one time and asked if I knew what kind of ink the used to print the camel. “I mean, you’re inhaling it.” I thought for a second and said, “Yeah, sure hope it’s not carcinogenic or anything.”

  28. Actually one of my friends and i had the same conversation one night out catfishing. I was a camel wide guy. Tobacco-free almost 1 1/2 years.

  29. That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. Where can someone buy a butt plug for 3.50? It’s giving kids a distorted idea of the cost of goods and services and it’s dangerous.

  30. Yes i’ve seen Inonotus obliquus aka chaga on several species- paper birch, yellow birch, cherry, sugar maple, cottonwood and american beech. There may be others, but as far as i know it is only worth harvesting from paper birch. The other option and more sustainable option is to grow out the mycelium from a tissue culture.

  31. I would love a source for that because it’s a fire stat

  32. What’s with the last comment? Guy honestly asks for materials and you call him a troll? You look worse than he does.

  33. I just saw this. That second part was for a user/bot on Quora. Sorry for any confusion. Edited.

  34. From the sounds of it you are totally happy with screwing the rest of your family. Given their sacrifice for you. Personally as a American i find it disgraceful that you would have your parents pony up all that money to provide you a primary and secondary education. Yet you let you mother get screwed by a real estate agent or taken advantage of by a company. Instead of explaining to her the ins and outs of selling property and appraisals.

  35. We all have horror stories, hardships, abuse, etc. it is what makes us who we are. Mine without going to far into such things run the gamut of COCSA, SA, us navy veteran, PTSD, small business owner, i grew up poor in a broken house hold, a survivor of sexual assault and rape at the hands of my once though of best friend and his mother. I don’t care about past history. Not saying or discrediting that it is painful and or dark/damaging. What defines us is what we have overcome and survived. It the decisions we make that define us. Not ones made for us. We were forced and exploited by those stronger then us. I am truly sorry for not knowing you had a mother that stole your identity. I know what sort of rock that is to get out from under. Having your identity stolen is a nightmare it took my parents almost 11 years to sort out.

  36. My husband works with bankrupt people helping them get their lives back together, and the most common reason he sees for bankruptcy is gambling addiction. It's a sunk cost fallacy - people buy a lottery ticket every week, which is totally socially acceptable, and then it's two tickets, then five tickets and a few scratch cards, and the more they lose, the more they spend in an effort to get their money back. They get to the point where they haven't got enough money for gas, so they borrow money- not to spend on gas, which would help their immediate problem, but to spend on their bingo app so they can win thousands and fix all of their problems in one go.

  37. I can relate. My friend Kieth in high school got a $20 scratch ticket for his 16th Bday. He won 16k i think if i remember right. Ever since then he’s been a compulsive gambler.

  38. $1 says it’s the reason someone is in therapy and someone else should be in prison but isn’t.

  39. Me too. If i were OP i think i would call a Lawyer to see about legal advise. I sure as hell wouldn’t open that up or watch one without knowing my exposure.

  40. Absent minded librarian from The Mummy. 👍

  41. I don't know why this is important to me, but I don't think she was absent minded. Who beat the Americans to Hamunaptra and was already on her way inside the interior before the yanks got there? Yeah she knocked over bare shelves, but it was while she was presently minded on her inventory tasks. But yeah Rachel Weisz is nice.

  42. Clumsy would have been the correct word.

  43. I’ve had a couple girls i’ve been friends with over the years tell me that. And several coworkers, I always found it flattering, at times creepy, and sometimes well fun. I’ve never cheated on my wife before or after we got married. But it is flattering to have a young 20’s-30’s gal say such things.

  44. This is one fish actually i wouldn’t want as a hobbyist. One they get very large 3’-4’, then can jump very high, and they need upwards of 1.5k-2k gallon tank. Beautiful fish species, but some are better left to aquariums and trust funds. Just my op.

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