1. Mano, meu tiu uma vez postou isso num post de um policial q tinha sido morto, deu um B.O fodido pq ele é professor. O pessoal ficou puto " ai e o respeito pela familia do rapaz aiai ui ui" 2 meses dps foi descoberto q esse policial era envolvido com trafico e batia na mulher Cidadão de bem 👍

  2. é engraçado que no caso da Marielle todo mundo da direita acusou ela se ser envolvida com o tráfico e por isso tinha morrido.

  3. Lore accurate Geralt also can never secure a contract or make money doing so

  4. Ironically Geralt barely makes any money hunting monsters on the books either.

  5. Russia essentially made the other Soviet republics resource colonies and treated them like second-class citizens. That was very much the pot calling the kettle black. Yes, the US was racially segregated. But that was never a sincere concern of the Party.

  6. again, it's not a good vs evil debate, it's just a fact that they were teaching more progressive things than we are used in the americas at that time

  7. I'm not saying good versus evil, I'm saying that they literally weren't teaching anything more progressive. The propaganda put out about geopolitical rivals is not the same as what they're teaching. Is teaching absolute loyalty to the state and party more progressive? There's little to no need to teach about racial matters in homogeneous populations. Anti-semitism and prejudice against the Romani were perfectly acceptable.

  8. I cited an example of something governments weren't doing anywhere else in the world at the time, with proof. You're just mentioning things you heard with no citations or fonts and making assumptions, "they weren't teaching this because they were a loyalty cult"

  9. a irmã do pantera negra também disse a mesma coisa nas redes sociais e

  10. I don't know about the rest of Latin America, but here people had dogs to bark to warn that people were coming. The more the dog barked the better; especially in rural areas; so there was a kind of selection.

  11. also our dogs are adopted strays and don't follow a specific breed behavior

  12. We gonna have the same problem as last year with the unbalanced matchups

  13. isso acontece em praticamente todo jogo que ele joga kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. Sapkowski is the weirdest fantasy writer. His worldbuilding is more textual than graphical. Apparently when he reads and writes, he imagines the words as words, and not as scenes. I never thought that was possible.

  15. he doesn’t try or even involuntarily visualize his writings. so unlike most people that when they try to write they lay down words describing the scenes and images they have in their head, Sapkowski just “thinks” in words. So it’s kinda more like writing philosophical poetry that doesn’t rely on visual images and more on concepts of words and how they tie together, which doesn’t make much sense for a fantasy writer.

  16. Depois das várias vezes que vi mendigos serem extremamente seletivos com as doações de comida e rejeitarem de forma grosseira as benfeitorias, nunca mais duvidei desse tipo de comentário. Óbvio que não são todos, mas grande parte deles está exatamente onde merece estar e nenhuma ajuda do mundo será capaz de contrabalancear a inclinação que eles tem em tomar as piores escolhas possiveis.

  17. não são cachorros que vão abanar o rabo quando você der um petisco, São seres humanos e tem tanto direito de serem seletivos quanto nós

  18. seems like a PS2 map background that you're not supposed to see from that close

  19. I used to drawn airplanes exactly like that when I was about 8

  20. If you gonna translate at least don't use google translator,

  21. Guess they didn't do much "cooking" back in the day, just throw everything you have available at a plate and call it a day.

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