1. What I don't understand is that printing money is known to cause inflation, so how come we wouldn't get that with UBI? Also, wouldn't it devalue the currency of the country that implements the UBI?

  2. The main thing causing inflation right fucking now is unchecked, untaxed corporate greed. Period. Full fucking stop.

  3. Hmm. I am skeptical that humans who have all their basic needs provided for them would be in a utopia, but I’d be interested to read some academic theories on it.

  4. Show us some examples you have of these sort of societies existing, let alone them ending in the same shit pile of feudocapitalism we have currently

  5. I've never bought a new mattress, I find them on Cl for free from people moving.

  6. I may be telling you things you know here, but car oil isn't good for motorcycles because there are additives in car oil that reduce friction. In most motorcycles the oil also lubricants the clutch (which is referred to as a wet clutch). The additives that reduce friction in cars will make a wet clutch slip if used in a motorcycle. This isn't good.

  7. I can think of one. That sawzall has a quick release Chuck for the blade. It's not gripping the clamp well

  8. How well does it stay the clamp stay in? I sometime need to shake several spray cans a day and this would work wonders.

  9. Ah, good. Now any vet can go in and get bombarded with an endless stream of questions about how and why and when why haven't they fucking killed themselves yet

  10. They could park it in its very own, brand new moon crater

  11. Expecting Apollo level funding for decades is naive. And it's certainly not all on Nixon.

  12. Yeah, it'd be a goddamn shame if we spent 2% of what we spend on murdering brown people on something good. Anything good

  13. Shuttle. It was built to be a reusable vehicle but to refurbish it ended up cost about as much as building a new one. It was incredibly expensive, but all that expense meant companies were making bank. So there was lots of political will to stick with Shuttle and it ate up NASAs budget.

  14. If OP put 10 mins into looking into it they would of found out the materials and even see the burn test video... 😴😴🙄

  15. Also, why is this painting specifically made of fire retardant, and not literally every single other mass produced painting in the world

  16. Well I was going to tell you to hit up my makerspace, but I sure as hell ain't in germany

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