1. I know this was a year ago but I want to write this for anybody searching up a similar issue. I've recently rehomed a hamster who has a lot of fur loss and extreme dry skin. I've researched into it a lot looking for causes. The previous owner used wood shavings from the pet shop in his cage. Wood shavings unless they're aspen wood shavings can cause allergic reaction in hamsters causing their fur to fall out and dry skin. Wood shavings shouldn't be uses for hamsters ever unless they are aspen. Since switching and using paper bedding and using cocnut oil I've noticed the redness has already started to subside.

  2. Can you tell me what material you used for the 'glass' screen please?

  3. Fixed: switch key binds to O is jump X is crouch. Play a game they should both work. Now switch them back because you are not used to it.

  4. Doesnt work for me i can't jump and 0 is crouch. No button ony controller is jump

  5. It sounds like tonsil stones, completely harmless. Gargle with salt water and make sure you're brushing your teeth and tongue. Good oral hygiene is how to reduce them.

  6. 6years on wondering how your gums are now? Having a similar problem myself. My gums have receded due to oral nicotine replacement, I have loose pockets around my tooth it's really concerning. I'm hoping once I have quit for a while they tighten back up.

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