1. Wow! I've got 5 of these mats laying around and getting a tool cart next month! Actually excited. Thanks OP trying this soon

  2. Now the wife is going to say "all he does is open & close his tool drawers all day"

  3. Nice review. I was there for Power Rangers con last year. What's your next event?

  4. CBD flower 50 state legal gives you the placebo high. They're about $120 lb

  5. Own 3 Taurus (yes I know the brand everyone hates) revolvers... Model 94 22lr (10 years), 942 22mag UL (3 years), and 856 UL .38 for 2 years. Lost count on the rounds I've put through them and to this day not a single problem...

  6. Thank you for the replies and advice so far! Looking into the Uhaul situation right now.

  7. If you're still out there I'm heading to Vegas (from Salt Lake city) tomorrow morning Tuesday passing Mesquite around 8-9am I'm a fellow jeep owner and wouldn't mind giving you a ride to Vegas. Can't tow you but that's all I got

  8. AAA suppose to cover up to 200 miles towing. Unless you have the basic version?

  9. I've had something similar where one of those hanging toilet bowl fresheners fell in and clogged. Simply I removed the toilet and used thick copper hobby wire (from home depot) to snake and push out to other side. Your case with that big rubber shroom you may have to triple your wire thickness(or bundle with coat hangers?) to push it out. Then just re-caulk the toilet seal. Took less than 2 hours only because draining all the water out with a sweater took longer than expected lol

  10. Why no satellite phone? You need one while exploring wilderness few miles outside the city in U.S. You go solo and break your ankle then you could be dead since your regular phone wont work ๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Bad green out. Likely took the dab too hot and was poorly made butane wax

  12. Come to Vegas so I can punch you in the face. Don't worry I'll buy you a few beers after and tell you why I'm a low roller

  13. Make this video in slow motion turning the ribs over and the snow falling down dramatically. Gonna need some dripping BBQ sauce too. Then you invite all of us over!

  14. Broadacres outdoor market place (swap meet) alot of vendors are waiting for sales and gives you a chance to talk about things you both like (buying their old goods) they also have a massive food court and live music (usually Hispanic themed) when I moved I had a spot and met great vendor neighbors, we traded items, made construction connections and shared gambling stories

  15. Better off checking themed airbnbs in the area or bring your own props. If you wanna get horny (clown bike horn) drive 3 hours to the Clown Motel

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