1. WM is a reputable company that isn’t asking citizens to buy a can.

  2. Not only is it reputable it's one of the two top largest publicly traded waste companies. The other being Republic waste services.

  3. They could just pass a privacy rights bill to protect us from any company trying to do surveillance on us...

  4. But that would make sense and possibly stop the nsa from being able to spy on americans.

  5. Brushing your teeth is the only part of your skeleton that you clean.

  6. they'd have to convince conservatives that they dont want to take all the guns, which is really difficult when conservative talking points say that explicitly

  7. Too bad there's an L in your user name. Though the L does aptly describe you.

  8. Lmao wrong thread. That's what I get for surfing reddit with multiple tabs.

  9. And all that bullshit can be erased very quickly by folks with spines.

  10. Kill thieves. Behead thieves. Roundhouse kick thieves into the concrete. Slam dunk a thieves baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy thieves.

  11. Because it's not needed in some situations. If you have symmetric gigabit internet for example, enabling QoS will actually increase latency, because QoS is not about latency, it is about bandwidth management. When you have 1Gbps of bandwidth, you almost never saturate it to a point where it will start affecting latency.

  12. Well, I would slightly disagree. I have symmetric gig and was experiencing some buffer bloat. Wasn't terrible unless I was gaming. Then I put on fq_codel and that brought my buffer bloat test up to A+ and had no issues with latency affected programs.

  13. If initement isn't protected speech I don't see how this law getting struck down.

  14. Went in the other day. It's only 10-20% off right now. Supposed to increase to 30-40% off in May, the lady behind the counter told me.

  15. I'll let you know if I can convince my wife to swing by when we go to Ross' and TJ Maxxx on friday.

  16. WLBT was originally created as a minority news station. Make of that what you will.

  17. About 3 months old. I bought an Opnsense DEC3860 in January. I originally tried building a 1U rack mountable Opnsense appliance and gave up after hitting wall after wall on parts and software issues. Is it rediculously expensive? Sure, but the upside is if multigig ever comes out all I have to do to upgrade is buy a ~$100 RJ45 to SFP dongle and I'm set.

  18. Damn that’s a beast. I keep going back to the DEC2685 . Same story as you, been looking at building my own but at this point I don’t feel like trying to match up the right parts etc. Any regrets since buying it? Small family network but want something with great security features. 1U rack mount is a major plus for me.

  19. No I haven't had any regrets. I mean I know I could theoretically build something cheaper or buy something from supermicro for cheaper, but my thinking of buying their appliance wasn't about price at this point. It was to 1) support the project 2) not deal with the headache of buying parts that are pretty niche.

  20. I live in New Orleans now, and in my last apartment, my bedroom window was directly facing a Morris Bart billboard.

  21. Horrifying. I don't understand how a "smile" can have all bottom teeth and no top. That man would look better if he just had a placid look on his face.

  22. Last time I was driving through Mobile on my way to my dad's I was wondering if Alex Shunnarah is Alabama's Richard Schwartz.

  23. A part of me is really curious if he had an Oppenheimer moment as he looked on his creation that he'd created an instrument of destruction?

  24. I'll be spending that money as quick as I can on gold and bullets.

  25. That website is a bit archaic. It’s not a smooth process to off ramp funds on there

  26. nope, but I lurk mostly anyways. I probably installed it when it was being updated more frequently. I really like the way it handles looking through images in a thread and going back and forth between replies, just wish I could post.

  27. I did. I miss the old school forums. A lot easier to read.

  28. Use or if you're lazy like me use the Old reddit redirect addon for your browser.

  29. Desantis is way less Fringe than this site makes him out to be. Also Biden is not obliterating anyone

  30. Conversely ~44% approval isn't a glowing endorsement either.

  31. Hell he basically got a free pass in 2020. His campaign kept him out of the spotlight for most of it. Now he won't have the COVID excuse to not attend debates.

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