1. If your Vram is full.. the uses your RAM or crash If your RAM is full it will use your Harddisk .. or crash

  2. Weirdly enough, the bar that shows my vram usage says its only using like 3GB of the 8 that I have. If I turn anything higher, my FPS drop significantly.

  3. Free up ram by closing down extra baground applications and processes.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I've felt like 16GB had been insufficient for years now too. I've turned off mostly all of the extra windows services (including game bar - fuck game bar).

  5. Back in the day I did a Kali Linux pen test project. It was somewhat interesting and there's lots of VM ISOs online which have 'challenges/things to locate' on the network. It can save quite a lot of prep time.

  6. Never seen a taller tower than the megatower 841FH

  7. Is this a legit account or hacked? Can you buy more floors after 200 but just not put anything in them?

  8. Fair question... and the truth is it is totally legit.

  9. How come there isn't anything in the floors above 250? Does the game not let you build duplicate floors?

  10. I would be really interested. Even in buying a few boards to throw on there.

  11. How is the zealot S? I have a backfire G2 and have been thinking about upgrading

  12. I love it man. It rips. I'm 6'1, 200lbs and I can get the full 40km/h on sports mode. So much torque. Climbs hills easily. The flexible deck makes it super comfortable to ride too. I'm probably biased since it's my first electric board, but I recommend it to everyone. I have no negatives to say about it.

  13. You mean random dog featuring Zealot S.

  14. That's true. The dog really is the highlight of the photo

  15. Only done a lap around the block yesterday afternoon in-between the rain but I should get somewhere around 40 to 60 km in range

  16. Damn thats crazy. How many kms can you go before you feel the need to take a break? My feet / legs can usually only handle 15 or so before stopimg for a rest.

  17. This was just a test run around the block, first proper ride is this morning. Hopefully with the big tyres and the flexi deck I should be able to manage 20 before I need a rest

  18. Flexible decks make it so much more comfortable. How much did your whole setup cost?

  19. That last part made me chuckle. No meat crayon here.

  20. The zealot stock wheels are great, but they're slippery on any sort of wet pavement. I fell going 40 km/h in shorts and a t-shirt after slipping out on a path where a sprinkler had gotten the corner wet. I meat crayon'd it hard. Lessons were learned.

  21. I was looking at the 80mm Boa Sigma. Was hoping for more speed and torque with a smaller wheel. I'm hoping my longboard spills will translate well into esk8.

  22. Yes, you could get more torque, but the smaller the wheel, the more likely a rock will jam it. The stock wheels tank most smaller rocks.

  23. Thanks for the advice, and yeah was completely my own fault trying to swerve too fast to avoid a branch I could have totally rolled over.

  24. Check the tightness of the 4 screws that attach the trucks to the board. Mine were loose. Mine made a rattling noise when I rode.

  25. Are you a heavier rider? Not sure if those are stock bushings, but they look like they're squealing. I know this isn't what you're asking for, but to reference that, they look pretty much new, save for the spritz of dust.

  26. Actually, I was going to make a post about the bushings. I'm 185 lbs. I've had to crank them pretty tight to not get speed wobbles. I also find myself tightening them every couple weeks or so because they feel like they get looser. Should I be looking into a harder bushing?

  27. I just assume, most things get loose and not tight, so on that end, I think that's natural.... However, as far as the bushings, are the stock bushings rated for your weight? I forget where to find the weight guide for bushings, but I'm about to head out, but I think a google search or looking for Riptide bushings will yield what set is proper for everyone's individual weight.

  28. So I figured out the stock ones are 89a. I'm at the very top of the weight range for that bushing which is probably why I have it pretty tight. I ideally want a setup that allows stability at top speed, but isn't so tight that I can't make sharper corners when I'm riding downtown. I know I can't really have the best of both worlds but I'd like to get close lol. From the research I've done, it seems like 93a is the way to go. I read that some people only switch out the rear bushing and not both. What reasoning would someone do that?

  29. Almost all hotels require a credit card. They pre-auth the amount for your stay, plus a damage deposit.

  30. When I fell a lady that was running asked if I was okay too. I said "I'm sorry you had to witness that." 😂

  31. My favourite spot to ride is the rail trail. If you get onto it from spall, most of it is downhill. Some slight uphills tho. There's a section just before you reach the school that is a great place to bomb down

  32. But you replying to my comment, did the exact same thing you're complaining about. Again, there was 45 comments when I replied. Just me and OP.

  33. I provided help on this thread. All you did was look incredibly dumb. Please don't look both ways when you cross the street next time, let nature do its thing.

  34. If someone replies with a discord, then I get a notification

  35. I went with the Zealot S personally. I have over 300km on it so far and I love riding it everyday. I weigh 185lbs. I'll do about 40kmh pretty much my whole ride and it'll do about 17km. I love the flex that the deck has. It acts as a great suspension system. The wheels are super big as well, way bigger than I expected. They'll go over a lot more bumps and rocks than my regular wheels would.

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