REALITY CHECK: Morocco and general traveling

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  1. Italians? You are clueless. Romans were something else. There is no continuety. The same as for Modern Greeks who cannot understand Ancient Greek language - they are absolutely new nation.

  2. How does it feel like to have your ass beaten by your own creation?

  3. Trolling is not your true mastery. You failed miserably yet again =)

  4. Siento decirte que Bel Mondo, aunque no sea una cadena, pertenece a un grupo de hostelería por lo que es solo una versión mejorada de Ginos o La Tagliatella. Los buenos italianos son los que llevan los italianos!

  5. TIL: most of the world's working fax machines are located in Berlin, too

  6. The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark… none of those countries expect you to know the language and you would even be able to work there only with English. I’m talking with first hand experience on this (specially about the Netherlands)

  7. And you can probably conclude your list there. Unfortunately, most countries don't seem to understand the value of having skilled foreigners working there - even not knowing the language

  8. I lived in Germany for two years before buying a house here in Spain. The Germans were very rude about us not being fluent in German even when we specifically went to doctors who claimed their office spoke English. In Barcelona and Vallromanes, the people have been overly polite and welcoming despite us not being fluent in Spanish. Perhaps it's regional?

  9. I also lived 2 years in Germany before moving to Madrid and had the exactly same experience. Germans were incredibly rude with their "wir sind in Deutschland..." shit, while Spaniards are very understanding and always help me out in case my Spanish level is not enough

  10. Nah, don't forget to look for a Domino's pizza joint next time you visit Italy.

  11. Actually I'm Italian and Domino's is not bad at all. Certainly it's better than 99% of "pixxa" served in Spain

  12. I could say the same about Italy, to be fair. Most pizzas there are acceptable at best

  13. Yeahhhhhh, I was cornered and robbed my 2nd day in Marrakech, and harassed a ton in general, so I have zero positive things to say about my experience. There's so many places in the world to visit, so I highly discourage anyone to go to Morocco if they are considering it.

  14. Yeah but accordingly to OP it's your fault; if you can't stand some harassment and possibly robbing, don't go!

  15. Ah, so now we're moving the responsibility from perpetrators to victims? Good to know

  16. I personally like Segovia much more than Toledo, but the two of them make two perfectly good day trips

  17. It’s going to rain every day in Segovia 😔 do you think it’s still a good idea to visit with rain lol

  18. Fun fact, I only know one person who lives in NYC. I was recently in NYC as a tourist, and guess who I met?

  19. If you want to look for a job where you will be staying, Madrid is the best choice. If you are planning on having an online job, you'd probably better check cheaper alternatives. I would avoid Barcelona as it's quite expensive and there are unsurprisingly too many Z-fuckers there

  20. Compre 100 llaves y 100 etiquetas llaveras. Escriba su nombre y número de teléfono en cada una de las etiquetas y déjelas en la ciudad. Disfruta de 2 días de tu compañero de piso contestando el teléfono sin interrupción

  21. Pero OP habla de vivir, de turismo hasta El Cairo puede parecer bonito otra cosa es vivir.

  22. ella no dijo que esta aqui como turista, dijo que es extranjera...

  23. As an American, Spain is beautiful, it’s people are lovely…and they walk three abreast at a snail’s pace and stop on a dime in the middle of the sidewalk to window shop. Sorry Madrileños!

  24. Thank you! I was starting to feel crazy! And it's such a small defect, I don't get how people can get so defensive

  25. Insecurities. It is a country that, as a whole, does not accept any form of criticism if they deem it comes from a foreigner.

  26. - That you guys have more freedoms than any other country. Sounds silly when you have the same kinds of freedoms as the rest of Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

  27. Basically a long rant, still zero evidence to support the fact that Bernie Sanders isn't a Nordic socialist democrat

  28. Calzedonia for socks - mind that winter in Madrid in very mild

  29. 4 people, 1 toilet? Been there, done that, I'd never do it again, no matter how cheaper it is

  30. I doubt that people in places like Neukölln where New Years Eve feels like a warzone will follow this ban at all.

  31. Police in Germany intervene for much dumber stuff, I won't ever get why Neukölln always gets an exception

  32. They have other stuff to do on New Years. And they don't want to get shot with fireworks

  33. How is "fighting illegal fireworks" something they would not prioritize on NYE?

  34. December is still not cold in Madrid, I normally use a wool jacket

  35. I don’t know if people realize how much more you can make in the US. My equivalent job in London pays ~40% of what I make now in Denver lol

  36. May I ask what sector you work in? I'm in IT and I have the impression that, working for a US company, I could easily make 2/3 times what I make now working for a London startup

  37. Basically any white collar professional field. I’ve known Europeans who literally added a zero to their salary moving to the US

  38. The hard part is finding a company that will sponsor you. If I had a job offer with a sponsorship, I would move in a heartbeat


  40. They won't be happy until we all pay 60% in taxes and the only well paid jobs left are in the public sector

  41. I'd choose working with the Spaniards over the Germans. The latter don't know how to chill out.

  42. Spaniards also don't assume someone is dumb/lazy because he comes from what they see as a series B country, something the Germans do all the time

  43. I'm not sure food you would find in the US is substantially different from what you can find in Europe, unless you mean something like Mexican food (in which case I could actually see the different spices fucking with somebody who isn't used to them).

  44. It's not just the food itself, it's how it's cooked and the condiments. For example, I can easily digest northern Italian food bud hardly any southern Italian

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