1. I think you have a warm and welcoming face, a true natural beauty

  2. They look fantastic, I would say more terminators, you can never have enough terminators

  3. Thanks ! Not the best pic but just wanted to get a quick one of the squad after I finished yesterday.

  4. I think it’s a fine pic, gets the job done at showing your army, but the work you have done so far is great, good luck in whatever you choose to do next

  5. That demon Prince gave it all away, you should have hid it better

  6. Love the dust trail effect, how did you make it?

  7. Thank you for telling me, I’ll have to have a look at this range, that cloud effect look much better than the usual plastic stilt

  8. I was playing a game agains a necron player, I had 2units of Prosecutors beings supported by a terminator Vex Praetor on one flank(it was my fist game with custodies), they were defending a flank agains 20 necron warriors with the support of necron character, due to unlucky rolls I lost both units of Prosecutors and due to reanimation protocols the warriors were untouched, so there I was, with theses 20 warriors plus a necron character agains my one terminator Vex Praetor, and by the empire he held out, from 4 rounds of shooting, roughly 165 shots from Gauss reapers and an artefact weapon combined, he held and survived on 1 wound, I can’t tell you how many invulnerability save I made with this one guy but he held, because he held I actually won the game as well, a true MVP

  9. Not gonna lie, I actually kinda like these graphics

  10. That’s a really neet idea, totally not going to ‘be inspired’ to do that same thing. Honestly thou that is an amazing way to immortalise your first mini

  11. I would have preferred them to have these to start with

  12. Chrysos. It's the ancient Greek word for gold. Kinda basic but it sounds cool.

  13. I love it!! I think it fits perfectly, thanks for that it’s really good

  14. Sounds metal, a proper dethklock name is I ever heard one

  15. That looks really good! That helmet looks sooo crisp

  16. ‘I have seen things brother’ is just screaming from those eyes, other than that it’s a very good attempt at the eye. If I may be so bold to suggest, you paint the eyes black then paint to white dots on either side of the eye, I find this to be an easier method of painting eyes that avoids the hindered yard stare look

  17. Thanks, I was more so wanting pointers for such a big mini as I feel I didn’t do as good of a job as I could have had

  18. Fair enough. I don't have experience with 'big' minis yet but... If it were me, I'd have tried for more controlled edge highlights, in general. It looks like you tried maybe drybrushing to give a greenish tint to everything, but the paint might've still been too thick on the brush. Finally, while you get an interesting swirl effect on the large glowing sections, it might've been improved by layering up with lighter color shades.

  19. Thanks, I can see where your coming from, I’ll definitely keep this in mode next time I do a necron model/vehicle

  20. If, bigggg if, you are in a local circuit that doesn’t mind proxy army’s…. Green Solder Men, IG army. For me it was like £50 ish for a 2000pt army (hoard) and that included bases and base texture paint. As you can get a bag of like 85~150 GSM for like £1~£5 at a cheap bargain store and typically they have a few rocket launchers or heavy looking guns which you could use for heavy weapons teams. Cheap, fun, easy and it looks hella cool on the table, as the minis don’t look nice, but the sight of 200+ minis lined up in rank and file is just soooooo satisfying

  21. I'm still debating giving mine a duel disk, yours look great

  22. Thanks for the compliment, you totally should, you don't know when you need it to play Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip Poker against an unnamed entity of the warp

  23. Cool paint job! The feathers remind me of king harrow's bird from the dragon prince.

  24. Thanks, I never realised it but it really does

  25. Did you take the helmet from another set or did you print it? I would like to change mine

  26. I got the head from the custodies wardens and instead of using one of that kits plums I used a crest from an AOS SCE kit, I believe the knight evocators, the ones riding giant lion, panther, dragon things. I trimmed the crest down as it contact point was to large, I then lied it on to the point where the wardens plume goes then added green stuff to the gaps to make it look like one whole piece, after the green stuff cured I sanded and filed the worked area so it looked more natural and crisp. Something I found when deciding on the helmet is that all the custodies helmets will fit except the guard helmet, bride of Traj’s little halo thing in the back of his shoulders. I hope this helps with your conversion

  27. Did you deliberately paint it like Silver Kitten from TTS?

  28. The first 4 Volumes hold an incredibly special place in my heart and I will sing there praises to the high heavens, but (it hurts me to say this) I can’t say I love the series anymore. Every time I do I get hurt. Every time I go to watch the new volumes I start to think it’s getting better, it’s like the old day, but then after a while, I see it isn’t. I then get even more hurt because of it. The RWBY I fell in love with in my early teen, that has probably greatly shaped or at least influenced my taste in media as a whole is gone, and is never coming back.

  29. Looms awesome! I hate the Monolith in game but it looms rad! Good job!

  30. That’s mate, it means a lot. I’m not looking forward to fighting it in game, why do you not like it in game?

  31. Looks awesome I'm also getting into commissions but haven't got my first job yet

  32. Best way I would say to get good commissions is to ask around your friends, as they may not want a mini painted but one of there friends might. Or just post on Reddit/local Facebook group

  33. I do to, gives the model more animation, but the guy who commissioned me doesn’t us warriors so he wanted the non warrior gate

  34. I the same scheme, I would recommend dry brushing some gold or brass on all the wing parts and using a reddish brown for the leathers, whilst adding a bit of gold detail to the weapon engravings

  35. Did he paint theses or is he using an app for the minis? If it was an app could someone plz tell me what app it was

  36. Thanks muchly and your colour scheme is quite awesome

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