1. I just got back from a ski holiday and am craving to play this game!

  2. congrats and well done. I’m thinking of doing this game, how difficult did you find it?

  3. Another fun thing about it is you can make your own fun & even create challenges for yourself or your friends to take on based off your own personal lines & such. I played the game solo but, I did have friend's times & scores on my leaderboard that I would often go out of my way to beat (I love it when games do this).

  4. Lol imo lumberjack is pure luck to go through the trees so it’s a lol out of your hands but the others you actually have to memorize the motions

  5. I'm only a few trophies away from plat but, I haven't decided if I'm going to finish this one as it has been a long time since I played regularly.

  6. -Evil Within (I still need to do the 100% but did get the plat a few months back): I just enjoyed the game & had played it many times on other systems in the past.

  7. Congratulations hunter! What was your weapon of choice?

  8. It started out as the Saw Cleaver but, I switched over to the Uncanny Saw Cleaver for the slots once I found one in the Chalice dungeons.

  9. Thanks for reminding me I need to get back to the + DLC part of The Evil Within.

  10. The Evil Within was prob the most difficult plat I got all year.

  11. As a console commander, I've been paying some attention to what is going on in the PC Commanders universe.

  12. The sci-fi space genre is pretty lacking on console, unfortunately.

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