1. Ah, that explains it. Had to look a little, but its the black at the back trick (sorta what I call it). Makes it easier to color it in after I assume. I usually go for black and white when making human hair, so it was a bit weird to look at this. Must have been a bit of a pain to draw like this though.

  2. That’s what dogs do at dog parks, they chase each other and interact with each other. If your puppy was that petrified and can’t handle being approached by other dogs, that’s on you. Other owner did you a favor holding your his dog while allowing yours to sniff around. Remember parks are for the socialized, not to learn socialization.

  3. I got her when she was 10, she isnt a puppy. :p

  4. Oh guess my points was wrong. I assumed it was months. My bad.

  5. She usually get along with other dogs as well. She is turning blind so she gets extra nervous on new encounters. And to top it of she got trauma of a black dog bitting her... she gets extra nervous with black dogs. So it probably was to much for her. 😅😅😅

  6. Lets see... at my fastest I can read 50 words a minutt or something I think. I calculated it and it was something like that.

  7. She won't appeal; that's just posturing.

  8. Maybe but if she were smart shed know she isnt going to get a better outcome.

  9. Its why I wonder if Elain is trying to abuse her condition to get more money.

  10. If you play inside the house with a toy he loves, does he run off with it and take it to his bed, or another predictable, repeatable place?

  11. (Taking notes, trying to teach my partly blind 11 year old dog to chase a freesbe. She has one toy she sometimes carry, so this could be usefull for me as well.)

  12. Have amazing treats. Put the dog on a leash toss the toy just a bit so the dog gets it. Call the dog and guide it with the leash to you. And give the amazing treats. Say drop it when the dog let the toy off. In the beginning it's important that the dog comes to you not that the toy land in your hand etc. Always exchange never take away.

  13. She doesnt carry it. I have managed to teach her to bite things. She ran of with the freesbe one time. And has chased it a little. She seems confused about it when I try to teach her (she hasnt played proper in all her life likely, so its why its such a huge deal for me to see her run a little with it). I havent managed to get her to pick up and drop anything yet on command. 😆

  14. It depends on what sorta movie it is, but indeed. A lot of animation is great in compare. Especially the movie one shall not speak of based on dragonball in live action... ....

  15. When I was 2-7 years old, my sister keept looking me in a dark storage room under roof, until I finally kicked myself out of there.

  16. Dont let others decide your dreams for you. You dont have a problem if you follow your dreams and not what other people say. Who cares if it is dying? If you wanna do it, you can try to make it a hobby or youtube channel. The thing your feeling now is likely the "why are people not excited for me" when you should be thinking "what do I want to do".

  17. It’s not really a dream, but more like teaching philosophy is the only thing I could even see myself doing. But I appreciate your words!

  18. Some writers use philosophy in their works. Dont be disheartened, you just need to find the right tool to express yourself. Perhaps there is some kinda work that exhibit traits of philosophy your not aware of yet? If you dont see a path, you make your own roads. I believe in you

  19. My best advice would be doing some rather than everything at once. Like you see some trash, pick a bag and throw it in. Do whats on your mind. If your able to, ensure cleaning the bedroom and making the bed. As one who is depressed, cleaning the bed defently can have a say on your energy. Dont force yourself. Exept with dirty plates. What I tend to do is at least rinse of them if I let them wait for the cleaning.

  20. Yup, trying to pick up two more and know some spanish and finish as well.

  21. Nothing. If its about having to pay others or bills, I sometimes wonder why we do a charade on valueless things we decided to somehow have a value when it has none. It gives me anxiety that people consider such things more important than being alive. Live to live, dont live for greed.

  22. I think your lucky to have that relationship to your adulthood. Dont worry about what other thinks or say, I wish I had such a relationship to my family.

  23. I got antidepressives, and honestly, it helps. It didnt just counter my depression, but has managed to calm my anxiety quite a bit as well. I kinda wanna increase the dosage as I am still so tired, or maybe when I get a new shrink see if there is meds for schizotypical that might be helpfull. I was thinking of wanting to go the no meds route and balance my mind naturally, so it took a while before I actually tried meds. I consider it a bit like crutches that make it possible for me to get around better. It helps when I dont keep thinking everyone hates me all the time 😅

  24. If you are that tired I’d hold off on increasing the anti depressant dosage . If it’s an ssri raising the dosage generally just worsens the tiredness

  25. I used to be to tired to even get out of bed most days, so the tiredness I am talking about is more like, if I could increase it a bit more I might be able to do a little bit more every day. 😊

  26. Lets see... 500usd. Designed it myself and got it custom fit and sown in norway (I was going to the castle, so kinda had to make sure it was better than my lousy quality sewing, but then the queen asked if I had sewn it myself, and I was embaressed to say no since I had designed it myself). 🙊 I consider it my most valuable dress since the queen complimented it.

  27. Yeah, fixating on thoughts can happen. If its ideas like "die, your worthles, no one cares, die" i keep countering these thoughts with "live, I want to find my happiness, live". It depends on the thoughts how I combat them. Sometimes I ignore it, other times I counter them if they are overly negative to myself. If its weird things like "sebras are black with white stripes" I just let them be. Seriously, shaving sebras make them all black o_o

  28. I was more trying to say that I have trouble wording my thoughts but I also get the fixations. Random words or phrases sometimes repeat themselves over and over for no reason, sometimes things I just said or heard, I can't control it so it annoys me sometimes. Sometimes disturbing images do that, I hate it, but I never try to fight those anymore because I'm used to it.

  29. Yah... images I have found I can manage to get out of my head if I draw it. Can be... disturbing sometimes, so drawing them help me stop thinking of it if it is really disturbing.

  30. I think its what happens if you stare to intensly. People have told me I can get intense eyes as well, and its... "scary". Either you look to little, or you look to much. People cant decide. They tell you please look at me more when you talk, and then when you do, they get freaked out... i have found I prefer autistic people because they dont care if you stare at them to "much."

  31. I didnt know I liked jazz before I listen to it. It can help me feel better to listen to. I prefer the relaxing, chill coffe shop jazz on youtube. And yeah. Music can have me imagining the craziest things. Each song I have heard is like a coaster of images and motions I cant really explain.

  32. I dont see what I said that go against magical thinking? Are you trying a spell on me? Its not working :p

  33. There is no rules on this reddit about having opinions... also, I am not saying much about them beside the comparisons I make to my own sister and me. It is the reason for my paranoia and anxiety, and your like "remove it" and suddenly re-approve it? I wont change what I have writen, its how I experience it. Also, nice edit on your comment from when you took my piece down. :)

  34. This particular behaviour I am seeing, she keep doing, and its really triggering for me to see during this trial. The behaviour triggers me to want to violently throw up. My sister tends to get super violent when alone with me or her boyfriends after that particular behaviour is shown. I am scared of being alone with my sister. It might not even be safe with people if she gets particularly angry. Its disturb me in greath deepth to see this behaviour in another person, and I cant leave it out at all to mention that fact as its the reason for me to write of this paranoid feeling I get and anxiety from watching this trial.

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