Read then Speak: I, Ortex Guy, want to see all 5B APE sold into the market ASAP… and here is why

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  1. Absolutely. NFT’s will help the world in a huge way due to blockchain not only in the financial markets but in every sector and I strongly believe that

  2. I feel like that's RC's play, to polish failing companies with potential into gems; not only for the squeeze play but to create long-term value, which in turn garners loyalty that follows him. A great role model setting the standard for how most companies should operate.

  3. I don’t know what you’re on about. How do you know right now there’s not 1 billion ape shares on the brokerages that nobody has any idea about because, well, they’re split around brokerages? The only way to get an accurate share count is to start drsing those and that’s it, until then it’s just basic speculation, what do you want me to prove you? If you have any $ape in your account, there’s a chance it’s a legit one or a synthetic copy, you can’t tell

  4. I guess I expected the company to have distributed APEs to all known shareholders in EVERY broker (except those that are CFD only)

  5. Your asking how to get the lightbulb to shine without electricity

  6. So you'd be happy if that happened with your gme would you? A bit of interest easy peasy? Are you mental?

  7. It's mathematically impossible for them to achieve net-long at this stage, even with conservative estimates of the number of shorts hidden on GME, especially given the increasing DRS numbers

  8. One should be able to use the existing bot's code and just reconfigure the the OCR (image reading part) and comment trigger code.

  9. When I read the lawsuit documents I was disgusted to read the Nebraska, one the states suing, was suing bc their state pension plan is invested in SLABS. This discharge would hurt the pension plan. It really made me angry to read that. A pension plan that longer exists for my generation makes money off my debt and I can’t get help as I struggle bc they will lose money.

  10. you better weigh that again.... looks like they shorted you a bit off the top

  11. I think you are thinking of checkmate in the typical term - in the chess way- where the defeated player no longer is able to move. However, the way i read it is, there are no more moves than can be performed after ape, in which case, it is over.

  12. Exactly. I think ppl are missing the fact that we are down big from its IPO. AMC has been on a downtrend since who knows how long. Folks still have not received there ape dividend while millions of ftds get over looked and now he’s issuing more shares when the first batch hasn’t even been distributed correctly yet. Not to mention the price of ape lost half of its value before todays run and ppl are wondering why ppl are upset.

  13. if you think the Politicians are going to use new found wealth to pay down debt, you are truly regarded

  14. Odd that you are so anti amc but yet, here you are. I never go to any stock subs I’m not a shareholder or thinking of becoming one. Weird.

  15. Idk multiply that by the price of ape and that will tell you lol

  16. In this context "closed" doesnt mean the fund itself is shutting down.

  17. The fund just raised 9B. Where do you get that it’s no longer a going concern?

  18. What is happening in the markets today and in the last 100 years is NOT capitalism

  19. Even if ape pumped to new all time highs?

  20. Even is AA sold ALL the APE units... 4.4B of them, that would not generate enough scratch to remove all the debt.

  21. You can't take a share price down to zero if all the shares are removed from the DTCC through direct registration. They can't drop GME like they can AMC/APE.

  22. If all the shares are removed from the market and in the transfer agent the game is. Individual shareholder share recall has been obtained essentially taking the company private.

  23. Any CEO will do what’s best for the company and not do what’s necessary good for the squeeze. I think AA purposely did what he could to stop the squeeze to keep all of us invested. Then he put APE into effect paying off AMC debt while at the same time turning this stock play into a long play. Also, at the same time have APEs thanking him. It’s been quite masterful. He’s got skills. I’ll give him that.

  24. I’m in the UK and very, very happy I put solar panels on the roof. The ROI is long term but energy prices are only going one way….

  25. Yeah, you guys in the UK and even the EU Apes are fukt re/ electric power

  26. I actually agree solar is nowhere near its prime. However, it's not about solar generating you money through net metering, it's about not paying your power company, and with that there is decent ROI if you look at how much you'd spend on your electric vl without solar

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