Lawyer ape here. Something doesn't smell right.... Let's do some critical reading of the 10-K

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  1. This argument keeps popping up (edit: its just this one guy repeating it, so nvm about that) claiming to understand legal language and laws concerning dividends, and I keep not seeing any reason to believe it. OP links to one investopedia article, and the 10K, and then makes big claims about legal obligations, restrictions, and language. I’m just not really buying it, and I can afford not to, because I have patience.

  2. "A 10-K filing also includes signed letters from the company’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer. In it, the executives swear under oath that the information included in the 10-K is accurate."

  3. Yeah, CEO swear shit under oath all the time they know isn’t true, and they’re never held to their words. This isn’t conclusive without precedent or a source that isn’t investopedia. Sorry.

  4. I have to wonder if there's any art still in their vaults from WW II...

  5. all the gold fillings from Jewish Concentration Camp residents were melted down and shipped to the Vatican many years ago... it now hides in plain sight

  6. It offers amc infinite liquidity and zero chance of bankruptcy. Whether or not shorts decide to sign themselves up for an infinite short position or not will only be told in hindsight

  7. Usuallly you are given cash, or shares in the buying company

  8. So stupid question but didn't this help the hedge funds? Doesn't this help get them off the hook for some of their debts? I just don't think this could happen without the corrupt benefit in some shape or form.

  9. There is also the 243 Idiot or 6mm Idiot where the 243Win is fire formed in a 308Win chamber. I almost made one, once. On a hunt in Sitka, Alaska. I had my 243 and wife had her 308 - both identical Ruger 77 stainless boat paddle models. Very nice deer walked out in front of us while stopped. I accidentally grabbed her 308 and thankfully pulled rounds from her stock ammo holder instead of the 243's in my shirt pocket. Yikes! I divorced her, so, no longer have to deal with that issue.

  10. Nothing wrong firing 243 in a 308 if justifying to your wife why you need a need a new barrel is the plan.


  12. Nope, not joker. And no it isnt me, John Wayne. If these are a better price then get em. And to any and all who are hoping for the down turn in price it wont come. Inflation has and will double prices on most goods from 2018 to 2024. Elections wont help either. No political mumbo, just simple economics. 10-20 years from now youll look back and wish you could still get any ammo or supplies AT ALL… or… well all have laser blasters and a grogu sidekick. BTW: if it doesn’t show, the site is Natchez

  13. Dang… guess my summer trip to my friendly northern neighbors will be with a rubber full of pop caps up the rear.

  14. If you research exactly how shares are handled now that we are in the digital age, you will find that they did NOT commit international securities fraud

  15. someone pointed me to archegos bankruptcy docs. It does'nt quite add up with CS 80m (80k puts) seen on terminal.

  16. This dude's big brain confuses us apes, but he's putting out good shit for those colossal brained motherfuckers that can parse this shit out. Big brains = bullish

  17. How does every insider benefit? Please do tell

  18. Every RS I have been involved in, I do mean EVERY ONE of them, AFTER the RS, the board votes to compensate the C-suite guys for the loss.... I think it is always written into the directives

  19. you owe 100,000. People say shares will be harder to find but thats because they are not looking at the next step.

  20. “Anyone standing in the way of AMC’s access to 22b in cash, the potential for cash divvys, and a viable future full of growth and profit is short. Change my mind.”

  21. The responsible dilution and elimination of our debt not only opens the door to a cash dividend we were never able to issue before, but wildly swings the sentiment of people who are actively shorting that if they are the first to buy their borrowed shares back before the record date of a potential cash dividend, they would finally have a chance to make money on the way back up for AMC, incentivizing them to close their shorts.

  22. there is simply no way AMC can eliminate their debt, there are not enough shares in reserve, nor company valuation to do so

  23. You mean, "The only way this works for shareholders who followed YouTuber advice to sell APE and only hold AMC"?🤔

  24. related to GME, or an ad to buy stuff not at Gamestop?

  25. I’ve been here 2 years so yeah I saw his tweets. It’s only market manipulation when he admits the existence of synthetic share because such comment will immediately trigger the MOASS whether it’s true or not. I don’t think you understand how it works.

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