1. I just can't bring myself to drive 40+ min to a store whose morals I don't support. I understand the fomo. But it's all good! I'll feel much more accomplished when I eventually complete the ciao set I've been building for 5 years.

  2. We are at about 6.5 years too. 40f, 36m. I've felt like crap since I was a teenager but have o ly been chronically bad for about 2 years. When I was diagnosed, I told him I am giving you a chance to leave now. I won't hold it against you. This won't be easy and you didn't know when we got together.

  3. If you chose not to go on this trip, it doesn't mean you can't meet people. The Meetup app let's you find locals that have activities. Maybe something more stationary like drawing, coloring, crocheting, or board games to start out. They have online stuff too so you can hang out on a zoom call from home but still be able to talk to people your age.

  4. How's your blood work looking? I ask because maybe there could be a different specialist that could be better suited. Everytime a doctor tells me my emotions are causing my symptoms, I want to just quit trying. It's so invalidating.

  5. My insurance required a "score higher than " to approve my new infusion drugs. The tests made my score higher. He could more easily prove they were medically necessary.

  6. When I first started, I felt the same way. I watched a YouTube artist and he did so many layers while I only did maybe 3. Watch some tutorials.

  7. It sounds like your doctor did due diligence. Also, I think the doctor saying that they don't doubt your symptoms is a good thing. I don't think they meant to dismiss you as much as validate you to family.

  8. I think it depends on how he treats you while denying. My ex was mean. He was distrustful, always thought I was trying to work an angle with an agenda. He accused me of lying or being lazy. When he actually believed I was sick, it was my fault I was sick. That is abuse. I was sick and needed help, not to be overly criticized and pulled into a feeling of shame and failure.

  9. He is nice to me. I think he is grieving my recent diagnosis, which I understand. It’s hard for me too though, and his denial is making it harder. I told my PCP, and she is referring me to a therapist to talk about it.

  10. Elon Musk just complained "I felt like dying" after his booster shot and I wanted to scream.

  11. I'm trying to get the price for my infusion drug. It's been impossible. They finally narrowed it down to $250-$1875 a month. Wtf

  12. I'm in a long term relationship and still worry one day he will get sick of me. He keeps telling me he won't but I don't believe him because I feel that my value as a partner is diminished.

  13. I worked in Avon lake, Ohio for a while. It was so incredibly boring. Boring food.The weather was always trash. I couldn't wait to come home.

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