1. It could be an unregistered car. It could be plate from a stolen car. In which case you've wasted thousands an thousands of man hours

  2. Couldn't a good lawyer vouch for Z in court? There's no DNA in this case and if there was a lack of physical evidence like the hood, the last pieces of Stine's shirt, etc., what else could they use? This case would likely be a mess in a courtroom.

  3. A fingerprint match to the Stine cab print would be pretty damming. So would a DNA match to the 2002 sample.

  4. If the police dispatcher had on the night of Paul Stine's murder not fallen to a racial stereotype we would have Zodiac and the bastard wouldn't have gotten away with it.

  5. We dont know that. He may have just been convicted of Stines murder with no Zodiac connection

  6. Nevertheless, Zodiac would have gone to prison for a long, long time.

  7. There's also the problem that there's literally no evidence that rules ALA in as Zodiac

  8. You are aware that the person who was almost solely responsible for scouting and signing Ohtani is now our GM, correct? Acting like it’s incredibly unlikely he doesn’t sign here means you simply don’t understand the situation. If he doesn’t re-sign with the Angels, the only two logical places that will be heavy favorites are us and the Dodgers, possibly the Yanks or Giants and even less likely the Mariners or Padres. Nothing is being pushed for clicks and there is no false narrative, this is just the reality of what’s probably going to happen.

  9. Eppler recruited him to Angels. If I'm Ohtani im pissed at Eppler for luring me to such a crappy situation and franchise

  10. No its not. Are you a troll dude? This response.. that entire other post you made.. are you a real person?

  11. Mets can't "seriously recruit him for the next few months" when he's with the Angels. That's the very definition of tampering

  12. Trade for him, and then recruit him. Your reading comprehension is abysmal dude lol

  13. Well, knowing when to stop doesn't show dumbness either. You are patently wrong in being so adamant about this. You simply cannot say with any confidence knowing when to stop definitively doesn't show SOME intelligence. My argument throughout is that it suggests some intelligence. I have invariably used words such as 'suggests" "likely" and "probably". Yet, for some reason you are talking definitively about the reason he stopped. Also, Darwinism, survival of the fittest. Fittest here being something akin to adaptability. I'd say adaptability requires SOME intelligence.

  14. For your argument to work you would have to show that Zodiac definitely would have been caught had he not stopped. He could have continued killing and never been caught. The theory that Z was intelligent because he stopped at the right time is just guess work. The "right time" is a logical falicy. Not mention we don't really know that he did stop

  15. I have not said anything in definites. Every post I wrote on this thread have included words such as 'likely' 'possibly' and 'indicates'. I therefore don't have to show zodiac 'definitely' would have been caught had he not stopped. We know little for sure about the perps intelligence or IQ. I merely said imo he did two things that 'indicate' (there's that word again) he had some smarts about him. My opinion is clouded by the fact that I view most serial killers as dumb as a bag of spanners. However, on average(there's me hedging again) uncaught SK's are probably smarter than uncaught ones.

  16. The cops stop you after you committed murder. You get lucky and get away so you stop killing. There's nothing to suggest that intelligence correlates to basic survival instinct or fear

  17. Would it necessarily? It is PLAUSIBLE that someone who wasn't involved in the murder could have licked the stamps. Not likely, but plausible enough that you'd need further evidence.

  18. Or his lawyer, maybe. But I don't think a match to the DNA on the stamps alone would necessarily be enough for LE to move forward with charges or to posthumously pronounce guilt without additional evidence.

  19. It doesn’t matter. You COMPLETELY missed my point. It doesn’t matter one bit WHAT they thought or concluded. The only thing that matters is whether the FACTS that they relied upon logically led to their conclusions. I can test that.

  20. The general public will never have access to all the facts the police do. The public's knowledge will always be incomplete. Therefore the opinion of someone that has all the information versus the opinion of someone with limited information is more reliable

  21. You dont rule people out. That isnt how it works. You have to find something that rules them in

  22. i think i was very clear in saying there's no smoking gun evidence. i.e. it's not proven to be him... that's why i only said it's worth taking a closer look (meaning, by law enforcement). and yes of course i would love to hear anything that discounts him. that's what you should do with any hypothesis.

  23. A year and a half ago? Every week someone here claims they solved it. It usually involves major confirmation bias or gymnastics to make it work

  24. Considering the fact that when he was a player he helped convince the te to trade Scott Kazmir I'm hoping he doesn't get a more prominent role.

  25. Al was pissed because they let him go without even making an offer or even calling him to say they were moving on. Al on the 06 team would have made all the difference

  26. In what world is it impossible to imagine a guy agreeing to significantly less than he'd originally agreed to and being completely happy with that? And "because he signed it" it's not possible for there to be a scenario where he's bothered? There's so much wrong with that comment that I seriously can't imagine a person functioning if they don't have the empathy to understand how another person could possibly be bothered in a scenario like that. This boggles my mind as much as anything I've read recently.

  27. That’s a great flowchart, thanks for posting! He was arraigned on Friday, he was given a court date for Jan 3rd that was to be an extradition hearing. It is my understanding that if you waive the extradition hearing, as stated in the Public Defenders press release, than there is no need for the hearing. Any Public Defenders or Prosecutors here that can weigh in?

  28. He can waive it but technically a judge still has to accept his waiver. It has to be knowingly and voluntarily made. Meaning the Judge will ask him if he understands what he's doing, did he have a chance to discuss it with his lawyer, was he under the influence of any drugs or alcohol etc.

  29. Excellent points. Setting precedents opens up options for virtually every party including MLB owners hoping to use it as a precursor for non-guaranteed contracts. I have to imagine MLBPA's main concern will be to make sure this is an outlier/one-time thing and not a precedent.

  30. It's a very impractical and impossible way to solve the case tbh. First, you'd have to search through literally a estimate of '100s of coins and when you do find the right ones, you probably won't be aware you're even holding the right ones because it'd impossible to tell the tell difference between a vast majority of them. There're also numerous prints available in this case in general. They retrieved prints from the two phonebooths, a number of the letters had prints on them (if not all of them had prints retrieved), but I can't recall most of the specific off the top of my head right now. I know for sure the final letter (the "Exorcist Letter") had a palm print retrieved for example. Prints were also retrieved from Hartnell's car door I remember reading once. "Many latent prints were retrieved from the taxicab, the pay phones, the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, and the Zodiac Killer communications."

  31. Early December is when they calculate the final season tax bill and it's due in January.

  32. O'Neal Cruz played in this league and didn't sniff anything close to Mauricio's stats. Our guy's gonna be a superstar in a few years

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