1. Yeah but the main way BBB wins is it's own denathrius. It doesn't have much to threaten the enemy hero otherwise besides astalor

  2. well it's supposed to grind people down with mograine, but it can't because it keeps getting nuked by brann D lol

  3. I know people don't seem responsive to this comment but I 100% agree.

  4. it's really fucking hard to hit it as D decks just run stacks and stacks of minions.

  5. Maybe the order in which you add the cards to your deck matters Kappa

  6. haha back in the early days, deathrattles would trigger according to a hidden "player 1" and "player 2".

  7. hahaha there's no way this works, right? do u just try to high roll with trickster smokescreen or?

  8. Yesterday, I was OTK'd on turn 10 where the Denathrius did 32 dmg...on turn 10.

  9. i died from 50 to anub, brann, 2 astalor, 5 astalor, 5 astalor, 8 astalor, 8 astalor on turn 7 lol.

  10. I honestly thought she’d be chomping at the bit to fight rose again.

  11. I could be wrong, and that's fine. Either way though, I really don't care. None of this REALISTICALLY does. Because at the end of the day. I don't give a shit if I can de it or not lol. It literally makes ZERO difference in my real life.

  12. It's probable. We'll see how it is when rotation hits. And even then, I probably still won't really care in all honesty. To me, it's not that big of a deal.

  13. blizzard warned us that the average player would be too stupid to figure out 9+ decklists and we just laughed at them.

  14. Bro. Pitty timer is 40. There is no way you opened only 2 in 65, you are making those numbers up. You probably got 3.

  15. he could have opened legendaries at pack 10 and pack 50, and be 15 into his next pity.

  16. I crafted most of the frost DK cards... This is just toxic. fuck blizzard

  17. Standard packs had a much higher chance of giving signature legendaries. People were getting 5 signature legendaries per pack. It's not working anymore

  18. By that logic any language that‘s green here says that.

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