1. Yup - Micro wins battles, Macro wins games

  2. Words filled with such wisdom. I would wear the shit out of that on an AoE shirt, lol.

  3. I'm also thankful for his quick response, helped me do a quick 180. I am finding garrison inside creation buildings early on helps me to avoid them YOLO-ing into battle.

  4. Hopefully will be good enough in a couple months to take advantage of the great offer. Dropped a follow and looking forward to checking out your stuff!

  5. Did you just perform a big blowbang wearing mouse ears?!?

  6. That’s awesome! That’s not what penultimate means but it’s cool regardless

  7. Here I was hoping the top comment was going to be the OP's link to the ultimate one. This is much more reddit.

  8. Might be a long shot, but would love to cast the game and share with you if you're interested. Even if not posting I would love the chance to practice.

  9. The image is correct-- woodpeckers can actually slam their beak into a tree trunk with up to 1200 grams of force (pecking 25x per second).

  10. Here I am, trying to figure out how fast the little pecker has to go to get feeling 1000x normal gravitational forces on his head...

  11. Figure out his elo first, and consider the budget. Hera recently posted coaching that I think can be around $100 USD or CA$, which would be a very cool experience. He might be fine with a lower level coach for more time and less $

  12. Can you link me these right wing media articles that sounds insane lol

  13. Make sure you get the weapon takedowns and attacks too, use hook intercept, backbreaker, and rising claw at least once. The biggest point single move I noticed was perfect parry on a red attack that causes someone's structure to break.

  14. Double thank you. Didn't have this build order and it's so nice to see it all fitting on a mobile screen without scrolling

  15. Hell yeah, thank you! Saved this message to make sure I placed the bookmark

  16. raises head and shoulders, knees and toes

  17. How many people sang this in their head and counted on their fingers

  18. I tried to picture how far away said train was. Small train means coming from a long way away means more chuggas

  19. It's easy to get discouraged because the AI can be so frustrating to fight with the way it can micro units and build a well blended comp to beat your units.

  20. OP was "taking a piss" with that sentence. But yeah

  21. Also 100% happy to watch a game or play with you too

  22. Look at Spirit of the Law on YouTube for statistics and info. Survivalist is incredible for learning high level play and understanding what is happening.

  23. Sideburning = burns on the side, canoeing = looks like a canoe. Any kind souls got an explanation for what piddlybonking the cheese man looks like? I think someone is taking us for a ride on this one

  24. I expected some proper scissors but dude just went with his kindergarten tool.

  25. Checking your channel once a day to see if you uploaded it đź‘€

  26. Hopefully will get to it tonight! :) - thank you! You are awesome, and that's super encouraging for me

  27. Nice ! I return the compliment lol, this game should be a little more exciting than the previous as I face a stronger opponent

  28. Last one was pretty good! Just downloaded, also sent you a friend invite on steam (beaudacious11)

  29. The science is off of this flat earth. Tall tower on the flatest part and you can hyperprobably see both edges. /s

  30. OP has never lived when there weren't planes. Air Go means non-planes to travel over water don't exist.

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