1. Except for having a shot at getting his wife back

  2. Why not?..Santa is not real so why does it matter what his ethnicity is.

  3. It doesn't matter what his ethnicity is, true. Claiming that a procuct portraying Santa as black is something that has been vandalized is racist AF

  4. Game of the year at least, if not of the decade. First platinum ever. One of the very few games I've put 100+ hours into without realizing it. Thank you Sloclap - now if you could just give me some pointers on the new time challenges... Hot damn

  5. I'd be honored to help them celebrate. How do I get the link?

  6. Yeah, just get the blade in the hallway and bring it to Kuroki.

  7. Cheats or Modifiers? Mods are a green die and the cheats are red on fire. Cheats don't let you earn awards, but modifiers sometimes do.

  8. I do miss old outdated AOE2:AOK. I remember arguing with a friend in middle school about what was better: Paladins or Pikemen. He was like, "Well, if you get Halberdier's, they're better".

  9. For if he ventured he would have had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything he ever wanted.

  10. For the dragon one, you wanna get the dragon head before the music hacker guy. Run them back to the door you entered that area from and toss him off

  11. I just finished it. For whatever reason throwing him on the dance floor didn't do it, but it completed for me when I broke his structure with parry

  12. The one with the dragon helmet, you'll see him right befit you talk to the computer nerd

  13. As asked, I do believe the answer is no. Not with raw strength. I think the other replies on here do a great job of highlighting the fact that there might be some hax or toon-force type way he can, but straight strength shouldn't be able to.

  14. Alex is a viral colony that absorbs the memory and personality of any one that it eats. Alex's personality is just the first, so the dominant. The Blacklight Virus spends most of the first game believing it is Alex, before realizing that it is not. There is no tech at all.

  15. Very cool. I'm didn't see the post specify though, so I figured it includes stuff from what I've heard most about (I think that's prototype 2)

  16. prototype 2 was a different main character, James Heller. Alex/Blacklight had started making Elite infected as an experiment. Heller, through shear grit, badassatude, and a near single minded focus on recovering his daughter resisted the mind control of the virus. This put him at odds with Alex, and you play as Heller as he fights against a fully infected NYC with Mercer as the last boss.

  17. That helps, I was so far off I couldn't properly measure my ignorance in prototype lore, thank you!

  18. Yeah he has played since 1998. We still have an old laptop (a dinosaur) that is somehow still running that he would play on so I figured id get him running on his new PC and he’s really enjoyed the gameplay. But he has completed all of the original AoE2 campaigns including the conquerors expansion on the old laptop.

  19. You're a legend. I'm getting it for my dad this Xmas, he and I played a ton of AoE through the conquerors expansion and I'm hoping he'll pick it up for a few rounds

  20. I do have to be careful with how much is played because when I was younger, we played way too much

  21. No kidding! I can't believe I used to play two or three games a night on the regular

  22. Crotch punch has been my most effective move against the flashkick girls, then snap kick and duck punch. You can parry counter the second punch in their string with two high punches, and snap kick over the sweep.

  23. But what is it? I think we get Arena. I love my new hat.

  24. Possible yes. First we'd want to have an ai take over for dropped users. Then there would have to be a server that keeps track of every game and what game each user is suppose to be in based on a unique user id. Then, once the aoe client turns on it checks the server to see if a game is active that the user should be in. User is then reconnected and the ai is replaced with the user. The game pauses while this happens so that everyone can sync. I think the ai part would be needed for balance as even a few minutes of dc can cause a game to snowball and it keeps the player in a non resigned state.

  25. I really like your method and verifications to avoid wonky. I think I agree with people about not having an AI take over though. Honestly tho it would probably help my game more than hurting it, 11

  26. These AI scripts are getting better. This is a huge improvement over the 3 villager dark age castle drop...I'm nervous

  27. This is a really good point - EA stacking and the fairly significant bonus scorpions have against them means scorps can be quite good here. Especially given the lack of parthian tactics, I think halb/siege is definitely the move here over hussar/siege.

  28. Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty. We've already seen him with God powers in the South Park. He'd force them to show love until they love it.

  29. Did the AI also generate that nice little note at the bottom based on the posts it learned from? If so that's a very cool capture of the positivity, hopefulness, and respect in the community.

  30. Who would have thought growing alfalfa and cotton in the fucking desert would be a bad idea?

  31. It's such a crazy journey. A challenge, but one I felt compelled to compete. Got Wude under 50 on master and have been back on disciple having a blast

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