1. I wonder how many of those solders shown died in the war.

  2. Wait, so Trump asking Ukraine to look into Biden's dealings was an impeachable offense because Biden was a potential political opponent, but Biden can have the FBI raid Trump's (who's also a political opponent) place and that's fine? Don't you just love how the standards of Democrats never apply to Democrats?

  3. Lol that’s not really how this works.

  4. Cmon that’s the utopian city of Newark. Or Nerk if your a local. Between 16 and E main

  5. I think you mean the forgotten city

  6. Honestly they should go vegan. It is really easy

  7. This is disgusting considering how expensive everything has gotten here.

  8. I’m currently visiting San Diego. Everything in Columbus feels cheap now.

  9. Bladerunner 2042. Better than the first and still bombed

  10. As a frequent visitor to Cadiz I get completely what you're saying. The money from fracking has done a lot to improve that area. I do wonder though how long it will last, what will happen when the money stops flowing into the region, and what the long term affects will be on the environment down there.

  11. When the money leaves is a big question. When gas prices are low the gas companies stop drilling . This happened a couple years ago and it did hurt the local economy. I also understand there can be environmental problems, but when people are able to feed their family and possibly have generational wealth they are willing to take that risk.

  12. Yep, Warren native here. Things were all sunshine and rainbows while we were making steel then BOOM, all the money leaves and you are left with a shell of a place. This is what will happen to these communities.

  13. Would you rather have the boom and prosper for a time, or never prosper at all? A lot of these gas areas are the poorest parts of Ohio. They lead the nation in opioid deaths. Any economic growth, even if temporary, will improve the community.

  14. I have shot an enfield like that. Lot of fun but damn does it kick.

  15. But the suspension is not up to the NFL, it’s up to sue Robinson.

  16. It’s posts like this (op’s post) that make me realize that people don’t understand what pro life people believe

  17. Honestly I’d read nothing. Go in fresh and let it wash over you. Not knowing a lot let’s you explore the world the creators are trying to build.

  18. Honestly the hobbit felt like it was based on a children’s book. Really goofy in some scenes

  19. Have you looked into trade school? They are a much cheaper option than college and have pretty high demand jobs that pay living wages, ie hvac, welding, lineman, etc.

  20. I don’t understand peoples ‘problem’ with GOT. For like 5-6 seasons it was the best show in television. It was the first fantasy to successfully follow in the footsteps of the LOTR movies in terms of quality and popularity.

  21. unpopular but the wine is the smoothest it looks super soft and the colors are nice the white one is clean too but ultimately very plain and i hate just putting a logo on the front of the jersey and always will

  22. Personally, the red is also my favorite. The wine and gold are really nice together. But ultimately the way to make these jerseys look good is to win a lot of games in them.

  23. Personally I never had a problem

  24. Where I’m at in Newark it is. More Ohio state football watch parties than any other sport. And most of the people didn’t even go to OSU

  25. I want a story about characters I have never heard of before

  26. Funny story. When I was studying abroad in Europe I went to Verdun. Me, a nieve student thought I would rely on europes “great” public transit to see the town and battlefield. Well that was a mistake. The bus we were riding dropped us off 3-4 miles out of town, so we try to walk it but make it less than halfway in an hour. So we try to call a cab, and fourtinetly there is one that picks up. So we make it to town and want to go to the battlefield. Turns out you need to take a car to the battlefield, so we were stuck in the town for the day. So this was supposed to be a day trip, so about 3 hours before our bus leaves (remember it is 3 miles out of town) we try to schedule a cab. Half don’t pick up and the other ones say they can’t do it until well after the bus leaves. So we’re stuck in this small town overnight at this cheap biker motel and luckily we’re able to get on abus early in the morning. But honestly overall it was a great day trip.

  27. There is a reason he didn’t win the primary

  28. It is almost certainly you won’t be harmed. Out of the (probably) over 100,00 events held over the 4th, there were only a couple mass shootings. And if you were even present at an event of over 250 that is part of a mass shooting you are still more likely to come out alive than dead. You are definitely at greater risk of dying driving to an event than at the event

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