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  1. This is the most smooth brained response to any sort of criticism. Why care about anything at all?

  2. True. If a cartoon doesn’t matter, we should all stop living real life.

  3. inside the titan stomach Eren was crying for vengeance and remembering the death of his mother, in 139 he actually killed his mother and cried for Mikasa that's 100% character assassination.

  4. Dang, this games market is broken it feels like pika is worth a ton more than it should be

  5. Pika is worth like magu + decently big adds

  6. You are here judged for the crimes of theft, do you plead guilty or not guilty

  7. Not guilty your honor. HE offered the trade; I only agreed

  8. You guys are 14 yea this is just how they are now huh. I really hope you and the year older than you all get put down. Nothing personal obviously

  9. Bro had his first kiss and went to Reddit 😭

  10. Why does an Instagram like matter??? Like what? If he commented something that’s one thing but it’s a like dude.

  11. Agreed it’s a dumb social media thing. Just confused why he’s lying

  12. he shouldnt be lying, thats the real red flag. I mindless like everything on instagram tho

  13. Yea but I highly doubt this kid who is on Reddit every day GRINDING for karma about how gay he is and how much he loves boys meant chicken, but yea I do know that

  14. Why do you even care so much about this random 15 year old on Reddit? Just leave them be to do their own thing

  15. Ah ok, this is the first girl I’ve asked out, so I’m really not savvy with this sort of thing

  16. All good man!! Something you get the hang of over time

  17. Bro it was 3.5 hours since she texted me to say she was checking to see if she was free. I thought I was ok but apparently not, thanks for letting me know 😊

  18. No bro don’t worry I understand you meant it all good but it really just comes off as possessive and creepy, especially if it escalates.

  19. Like if I say “being gay is for fucking freaks” im canceled.

  20. Nah you can guess like 20 names and I doubt you’ll get it

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