Straight people, what burning questions do you have about the LGBTQ Community?

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  1. My lock screen is Taylor Swift in a rainbow outfit and my home screen is the cover art from The Last of Us

  2. Purchase a ticket for tomorrow in the events tab, then show up to the entrance of britzer garten that correlates with your ticket during the event hours you paid for. You should probably already be in or near Berlin at this point otherwise you probably won’t make it.

  3. It’s a good mega to have but if you have limited dust save it

  4. There’s no imaginary quota lol. Do what what makes you happy.

  5. I sure do, some sure don’t. It’s all a matter of individual preference and that’s more than okay :)

  6. Pretty sure that’s one of many default combos or something for people who just don’t choose a name themselves. Could be wrong but that’s my two cents. Yeah I have like four of those in my dm’s haha.

  7. Attraction is subjective, if you’re basing it off race that isn’t a good thing. Some people will find you attractive, some won’t. If their decision (or yours) is based off race then either confront or disregard that person because that’s not a mindset anyone should be attracted to.

  8. I hate that we’re forced to have to ponder dilemmas like this at such a young age. You seem like an intelligent and empathetic human being, and I have no doubt you’ll get to experience love and live somewhere more accepting in the future. If you need someone to talk to (or cry with because that bathroom section choked me up) I’ll be there. I know it sounds corny but the community is all most of us got, so don’t be hesitant to rely on it.

  9. There was a section of an episode dedicated to him (probably just an excuse for Tim to stare at his muscles) he’s the bodybuilder who killed his parents near Long Island.

  10. Wait I pretty new to this suff, but how is it possible to get a debt from buying,calling on stock I understand u can lose all the money u put into it, but how is it possible to go into debt when your money is already gone?...

  11. They took out a loan and made an executive decision (blind gamble) to make a risky trade.

  12. I think being on the varsity swim team is the sole reason I developed a love for speedos. (Definite yay)

  13. If we don’t have a bar you could just squat me :)

  14. Screw her. She decided, AFTER the books and movies came out, to make Dumbledore gay.

  15. I’m curious as to what the reasons are (not a jab/provocation I’m just curious honestly)

  16. Straight CIS people are some of the most toxic evil people that threaten the world's peace and inclusivity.

  17. So 98% of the population give or take?

  18. Do you ever feel like the extremely vocal proponents of LGBTQ+ go too far or are too zealous? I have acquaintances that seem to always be seeking the most extreme complicated view of sexuality that they can. And that any viewpoint that differs from their own is automatically bigoted, sexist, and (insert anything)-phobic. Then I have gay friends that don't give a shit about any of it and are more of a "you're gay, a little gay, super gay, or not gay and who cares it doesn't even matter just do your thing" attitude.

  19. All those traits just depend on the individuals that exude them. Some people are chill about being LGBTQ+ and others are going to be incredibly aggressive about rationalizing their viewpoints. But yes, there are definitely people who go way to far but they represent an incredibly tiny portion of the actual LGBTQ+ community in my opinion.

  20. ^ The only reason I scored a 4 in both WHAP and APUSH

  21. As a homosexual, yes. Tim is the best we have to offer

  22. All I know for sure is that boosted shiny rates end on the first day, but I hope the spawns stay at least.

  23. I saw this in a dentist office and started fanboying over wendell in front of everyone lol

  24. I had the same thing happen to me I had to switch locations and it finally worked :(

  25. How many interns got the belt in the making of this one?

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